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Kingdom Hearts: Why Does Roxas Look Like Ventus?

Kingdom Hearts
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Kingdom Hear Updates: Keeping up with the lore of Kingdom Hearts is like doing a puzzle without a reference; the portions are all healthy together, however, there can be extra questions than solutions till the whole puzzle is completed. One such instance is while gamers observed that Roxas seems extra just like Ventus than Sora.

The thriller is deepened as Roxas is Sora’s Nobody, a being who misplaced its coronary heart to the darkness. Nobody commonly holds the person’s appearances whose coronary heart succumbed to the darkness, however in Roxas’ case, there has been some other aspect that saved him from searching like Sora.

While Roxas is added earlier than Ventus in Kingdom Hearts II and is the primary of the 2 to seem withinside the canon, the tale, in reality, starts inside the prequel identity, Kingdom Hearts: Birth via way of means of Sleep.

This identity serves as a foundation for Master Xehanort’s evil plan to rouse Kingdom Hearts and follows his manipulation of the game’s 3 heroes Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. Ventus became the youngest of the trio and was utilized by Xehanort to attempt to create the χ-blade and open Kingdom Hearts.

Ventus’ refusal to take part in his schemes and use his darkness to defeat enemies compelled the villain’s hand and Xehanort extracted the darkness out of Ventus’ coronary heart. That residual darkness then becomes used to create Vanitas, a darkish reflection, and rival of Ventus, forcing the younger hero to fall comatose following the ordeal.

With his coronary heart fractured and slowly fading, what becomes left of Ventus’ coronary heart travels to Destiny Islands, in which it connects with a younger Sora, permitting it to heal. In time, Ventus regains his awareness however loses his reminiscences following the encounter.

His tale maintains through the occasions of Birth via way of means of Sleep, however, the hero is dealt a blast from the beyond via way of means of the game’s conclusion.

Kingdom Hearts: Roxas & Ventus?

Kingdom Hearts

Ventus’ tale in Birth via way of means of Sleep concludes with the hero combating Vanitas one extra time for manipulation of his frame and in a last-ditch attempt to forestall the forging of the χ-blade over again on the value of his coronary heart.

With Ventus victorious, his reminiscences again and the blade destroyed, however, the hero misplaced his coronary heart and is rendered comatose. Following the battle, Aqua takes him to the chamber of waking to relax whilst his coronary heart travels to Sora, over again, to be living in his frame because it heals.

Sora’s tale formally starts in Kingdom Hearts, and at some stage in his adventures, he learns of the Heartless, the Darkness, and he profits his iconic weapon, the keyblade. In the game’s climax, Sora learns that Kairi’s coronary heart is living inside himself; without it, she cannot wake up and satisfy her very own destiny.

To make certain of Kairi’s revival, Sora sacrifices his very own coronary heart and in order that hers may also go back to her frame. As a result, Sora in brief will become Heartless till Kairi makes use of one in all her competencies as a Princess of Heart to go back to normal. However, in that short second in which Sora is Heartless, Roxas is born.

Because one of these massive parts of Ventus’ coronary heart nevertheless became in Sora upon his sacrifice, the Nobody referred to as Roxas took on a massive percent of Ventus’ traits in preference to Sora’s. This additionally permits him to experience emotions, a trait different Nobody’s cannot replicate.

While there are mild versions in appearances, along with Roxas’ hair shadeation being darker than Ventus’, the tale in the back of the thriller similarly proves the significance of every connecting piece in Kingdom Hearts’ tale.

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