Minecraft Player Creates Working Portals With No Mods


Minecraft Updates: A creative Minecraft gamer managed to create a working portal chamber in the original game without using mods. Interestingly, curious fans of survival games often find seemingly impossible ways to use basic items and their combinations.

One of the latest inventions of Minecraft players in the vanilla client is the elite sharing elytra flights with pigs and leashes. The winged player only needs to tie the pig with a leash, while the other player rides the animal quietly.

This concept may be a bit tricky at first, but after a successful aerial launch, players can create a complete flying caravan by adding more saddles to the equation.

With the hidden features of Minecraft’s Ender Pearls, Reddit User The_PJG has managed to create a working portal without relying on mods or cheating. The invention was demonstrated in a short video in which the author also demonstrated the complex Redstone design required for the portal chambers to function.

Although the setup is easy to replicate and interesting, the idea behind this concept is very complicated. According to the player, the only manual part is to place the beads in the two portal chambers. Each room has a 2 x 2 room with two rows of bubbles in opposite directions in the water.

Minecraft Portals


Since the columns go in the opposite direction, the fallen pearls will float in the middle. When the player activates the chamber, a column in another room will disappear due to a series of Redstone signals, throwing the pearl on the ground and activating the actual teleportation sequence.

The_PJG is still working on a map that will contain several other inventions based on Ender’s complex pearl mechanics, but the demonstration on display has already shown the player’s ingenuity.

However, the author admits that he has studied most of these mechanisms on the Internet. Although it is worth noting that The_PJG, the gate of invention, belongs to them, curious players have recently discovered the hidden words carved on the edge of the crystal in the end.

Surprisingly, the seemingly unique features of Minecraft mods can be easily recreated in vanilla clients. It’s great to use the regular Ender Pearl to create a working portal, making you wonder how many hidden mechanics are still hidden in the game. It is very likely that Mojang never intended to use these items in this way, but was able to do so. This is really amazing.