Animal Crossing Build-a-Bear Reveals KK Slider On Sale Tomorrow

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Updates: Build-A-Bear Workshop announced that a new plush of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be available in stores from June 10th, starring fuzzy musician K.K Slider.

Nintendo’s life simulation game released in March 2020 is the latest. Slider is a black and white Jack Russell Terrier and a talented guitarist who has appeared in all parts of the series so far.

In April 2021, Build-A-Bear Workshop and Nintendo announced that they would cooperate to bring the characters from “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” to the popular plush toy store.

Customers can order and fill in the two most iconic characters in the game: mayoral assistant Isabel and businessman Tom Nook. Unfortunately, these Animal Crossing characters sold out almost immediately after listing, resulting in unavailability for long periods of time between replenishment.

The recent additions in May also introduced winter clothing for these two characters. This allows shoppers to further personalize their New Horizons residents.

Animal Crossing KK Slider Sale

Animal Crossing

The official Build-A-Bear Twitter account announced that from June 10th, fans can take K.K. Slider home with the new Animal Crossing plush toy. The email to Build-A-Bear subscribers will include more information about K.K. Slider’s sale starting at 10:00 AM CST on June 10th. Customers are advised to visit the Build-A-Bear website to enter the virtual sales waiting room before selling.

Although this is K.K. Slider’s first appearance as a teddy bear playing guitar, this terrier will once again appear outside of New Horizons. The character will be included in the second volume of the Tomodachi doll box of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which also includes other characters such as Timmy and Tommy.

The 2.2-inch figurine is soft and fluffy, just like the pre-ordered real animal. The box was opened on May 26 and is expected to be available in December 2021.

The crossover between Build-A-Bear and Animal Crossing was a huge blow because the luxurious villagers continued to sell out soon after the supplier replenished them.

Success may also make it easier for customers to master at least one of the three roles. The K.K. Slider is the main product of the series, and its musical talent will definitely make it a plush companion.