Wasteland 3 DLC Expansion Adds New Steeltown Location & Quests

Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Updates: The new expansion piece “Wasteland 3” adds a new Steeltown location, which contains new tasks, characters, locations, mechanics, and even music. This DLC adds a lot of new content to the already extensive game and takes the content provided by Wasteland 3 to a whole new level.

Even the decisions made by the returning player in the base game will affect what happens in Steeltown, regardless of what is done in the main in-game event.

Wasteland 3 was released in August 2020, after fans had waited eight years since the release of Wasteland 2. Wasteland 3, created as a direct result of player choice, also continues a strange sense of humor, as evidenced by the recent update, which allows players to collect all available pets in the game.

The launch of the new expansion was accompanied by a demo trailer released by InXile, showing the game’s new explosive combat mechanics and storyline. The enemy uses new tactics and abilities, such as elemental shields, super exoskeleton, and destructive tar cannons.

Wasteland 3: Characters and Locations

Wasteland 3

All of these and more features are part of the new state stack effect feature. The goal of the DLC is to provide players with more types of opponents and the ability to select players in the Steeltown storyline.

The Steeltown story prompted a team of rangers to go to a settlement that provided vehicles and weapons to the patriarch in order to resolve the conflict between workers and their bosses.

In the expansion, some NPCs in Steeltown will also have a say in the decisions made by the characters and their comrades in the main game. Sooner or later, players can turn on DLC in; Steeltown adapts to all levels.

InXile also announced that fans can purchase the new Steeltown DLC and the upcoming game DLC at a discount by purchasing the new Wasteland 3 Expansion Pass, and recently released a recruitment announcement at InXile announcing that the company is working on a new first-person role-playing game with Microsoft. Time will tell how this project compares to the positive legacy.

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