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Zelda: BOTW Entire Map Is Being Built As Minecraft Survival World

Zelda: BOTW

Zelda: BOTW Updates: A creative Reddit user shared their progress towards building a complete recreation of the map of the world of Hyrule from Breath of the Wild in Minecraft.

Hyrule has been a constant subject of fan builds in Minecraft. Recently, a Reddit user shared their progress towards the rebuilding of the recreation of the Hyrule world and it seems like the most creative recreation to date as it is more detailed than the rest. The rebuild has caught the attention of fans and their interest is peaking.

Among all Zelda games, Breath of the Wild is the most expansive. It is an open-world game and players are still discovering new features and exploring the map so many years after the launch of the game.

The world spans over mountains, deserts, snowy peaks, lakes, and rivers, all for the players to explore. There are shrines, towers, and other landmarks open for the players to discover. The vast landscape of Hyrule calls for the players to show their creativity at recreating the worlds of Hyrule.

Although it is a daunting task, players have shown their immense capability by recreating whole cities within Minecraft. Even though Hyrule has been a subject of so many recreations, nobody had taken up the task of building Breath of Wild within Minecraft.

Zelda: BOTW Maps

Zelda: BOTW

Recently a Redditor named Dinah took up the task of sharing their progress on rebuilding the world of Breath of Wild within Minecraft. They had completed approximately 60% of the Hyrule recreation and had shared pictures of the completed Hebra region.

The recreation is very creative and consists of snowy peaks, steep ravines, and natural landscapes which look as authentic as a naturally generated Minecraft world. A second update from Dinah came soon after which consisted of a volcano overflowing lava, desert oases, and palm trees.

The recreation has piqued the interest of many players who have not only appreciated the build but also have shown a desire to download the map when it’s finished. Fans of the game would love to explore the new build.

The fact that a fan of the game would go to such heights to build a Hyrule world with their creativity, says a lot about the enduring quality of the game. While there have been many brilliant Minecraft builds, Dinah’s build is surely one of the most creative and detailed. One can only hope that once Dineah finishes the recreation, they share it with the rest of the Minecraft community.