Rainbow Six Siege Update Tests New Features, Reworks

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Updates: Rainbow Six Siege’s latest test server updates have arrived to give the players a chance to preview some of the new features, reworks and other types of content coming to the game whenever the Season 2 update fully releases.

A schedule for the content was released along with the changes on armor rework and post-death gameplay changes which will be made in life in a couple of days.

This change would have been noticed by the regulars who pay attention to past Rainbow Six Siege developments, the players would have noticed that now with the update on test serves you could interact with players even after dying.

On the test servers “Gameplay After Death” features where players are able to control drones and unique abilities to assist their teammates after being eliminated. That along with reworks for Nokk and the game’s armor system make up the bulk of patch notes.

Below mentioned are some of the major notes for the test servers.

Rainbow Six Siege Nokk Balancing

  • Proximity-based gadgets are not triggered.
  • Includes Ela’s GRZNOT Mine, Melusi’s Banshee Sonic Defense, Proximity Alarm, and Metal detectors.
  • Sounds made by Nokk are no longer nerved.
  • The glitch effect cancels proximity immunity.
Rainbow Six Siege

Gameplay After Death: Eliminated players can now control and drive their own drones, You cannot drive the drone of another operator though. The players’ drone will consist of antennas, in order to help opponents know if the drone belongs to an eliminated player.

Unique abilities such as Twitch and Zero lasers can be used after elimination. If you are eliminated with a regular drone, they will spawn back at your original spawn location. Unused unique abilities do not spawn after being eliminated.

Defenders: New Bulletproof Camera Rework which rotates and can shoot an EMP burst that disables the Attacker’s electronic devices and drone for a period of 6 seconds. The first player to enter camera view can shoot the EMP burst, unlike previous Operators unique ability, now no one has singular ownership over the use of the camera.

Drone Counter: The drone counter is exclusively now for Defenders to help them track the number of regular drones their team has captured or destroyed. The counter does not in any way mean to reveal extra intel to Defenders. It reflects Defender’s actions and only takes regular drones into account.

Echo, Maestro, and Mozzie can control and use their unique abilities even after death, for Maestro teammates can rotate the turret-like any other observation tool, but Maestro can take control of it.

Armour Rework: Operator armor is converted to HP, 3-armour operators have 125HP, 2-armour Operator has 110 HP, and 1-armour Operator have 100HP respectively.