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Rainbow Six Siege Made New Changes in Gameplay: Click to know

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Updates: North Star, Rainbow Six Siege’s newest operation launched on June 14th, bringing with it a slew of new alterations. North Star marks the twenty-first expansion in Siege’s lifecycle, and while it only adds one new operator to the rotation, it has introduced many changes that have been absent from the previous seasons.

Previous seasons of Rainbow Six Siege have left much to the question. While the last two updates, Operation Crimson Heist and Operation Neon Dawn, added operators with exciting mechanics in Aruni and Flores, there was very little matter inside it. On the other hand, Operation North Star intercepts some of the fundamental issues that have been existing throughout extended periods of the game.

With Operation North Star’s updates, Rainbow Six Siege is unquestionably in store for the evolution of some brand new tactics. While the most important content update comes in the introduction of the new defender, Ubisoft has also brought forth some much-needed nerfs that will change the game style of previous seasons, as well as the revision of game mechanics that have been a staple of Siege for some time.

Operation North Star launches with the introduction of a  new defender called Thunderbird. Thunderbird is one of only three defenders other than Alibi and Melusi, released in the last three years with one armor and three-speed.

This speed makes her an ideal character to move about. She also comes fully equipped with three Kóna Stations and gadgets which can be placed on the floor. These stations will heal any defender or attacker who walks in its thirty health radius. This health can overheal players, but it will not stack with additional overheads.

The Kóna Station can also fallen players only if they crawl to the station and presses a hotkey. After it pays out its heal, the Kóna Station slowly recharges, readying another heal after about thirty-five seconds. Thunderbird is only the second defender to be introduced with a healing mechanic, the first being Doc from the original release, and will surely provide new tactical advantages on defense.

Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay

Rainbow Six Siege

Several Rainbow Six Siege operators have also received nerfs. Melusi’s gadget, the Banshee Sonic Defense, will now open after several seconds when an attacker enters its radius, allowing the attacker to shoot and destroy the device. A shattered glass feature has also been added to bulletproof glass, affecting Mira and Maestro.

Operators can melee Mira’s Black Mirror or Maestro’s Evil Eye, causing the glass to break and rendering them impossible to see through. Maestro will still be able to open his camera and see enemies, though now risking the camera being shot in its exposed state.

As for Mira, not much can be done once the glass has been shattered as they become completely useless, so defenders will need to keep an eye out for attackers looking to melee the glass. Rainbow Six Siege’s best defense operators often shift, but Melusi and Mira have had high ban rates for a while now. Hopefully, these changes will cause the meta to shift from past seasons.

More changes have come to the dead bodies and bullet holes. When a player is terminated, their body will disappear from the floor after several seconds. The body is then replaced by a semi-transparent icon of the operator.

While some players may complain this destroys the realism in Rainbow Six, bodies have been a known issue in previous seasons. Bodies would often appear to be indifferent positions for different players, sometimes causing players to be killed by a player who was obstructed by a body.

As for bullet holes, players can no longer see through a single bullet hole on a destructible surface. Now, if players want to look through a breakable wall or barrier, they need to create a larger hole, either with a melee attack or several concentrated shots. This eliminates many of the sneaky pixel-peeks and angles that would get players killed from seemingly out of nowhere.

The coming weeks will be the best indicator for how Rainbow Six Siege’s gameplay adapts, but North Star is beginning in the right direction. For now, Ubisoft has demonstrated that it is committed to adding both new contents and improving existing game mechanics, making the experience of Rainbow Six Siege a memorable one.