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GTA 5 Player who Beaten Without Taking Any Damage

GTA 5 Ultimate Player: It’s been almost eight-year since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, but it’s shocking the someone managed to complete the game without taking any damage and dying. It is very amazing in Grand Theft Auto 5 there are many chances to have damage or dying, like get shot, crash a vehicle, hit by a car or even just fall off a building. It is quite strange because San Andreas is a harmless place, but somehow, one player came out without a scratch.

GTA 5 Player who Beaten Without Taking Any Damage -1

More than 145 million people have played GTA 5, it’s actually a bit surprising it took so long for someone to finally pull this feat off. This game has been at such pace it has break severals of record over years. It’s one of those games that give limitless amounts of fun.

GTA 5:  Player who Beaten Without Taking Any Damage

A YouTuber UnNameD has beaten Grand Theft Auto 5 in only 9 hours and the surprising part is that he has done this without taking any damage after almost 48 attempts. YouTuber has gone through 69 main mission, in game avoiding death by their intimate knowledge of the game.

According to sources, it’s rumored that Rockstar is creating a remake of the GTA PS2 trilogy for release later this year. It is always amazing to see that audience enjoys massive games a lot like Grand Theft Auto 5 and similarly fans will continue to do so over decades.

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