Eternals Already Hinted Their Secret Has Been Revealed


Eternals Updates: Soon, there would be a new team of superheroes that would be introduced by Eternals to the famous Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although there is some time before the reveal takes place, looks like it already has been revealed.

The first trailer for Eternals has already hinted at the secret being revealed. now was it intentional, or was it a mistake, no one knows!

Looks like something new is coming. The Infinity Saga as you know has already been over with the likes of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. And now, MCU is taking a step ahead. It is moving forward with Phase 4. Fans were hoping for the new phase to come, and it is finally here.

The first new team to feature in Phase 4 by MCU will be none other than the Eternals. For those unaware, Eternals is an immortal alien race that has been created by the Celestials. These Celestials have been living on Earth for thousands of years.

Eternals has been set after the events of Avengers: Endgame. We will see the title team reunite in order to protect humanity from the Deviants, who are the evil counterparts.

Eternals Secret


The Eternals have been a part of the entire history of MCU for a long period of time but yet haven’t intervened at all in any of this universe’s big events. It wasn’t even involved in the battles against Thanos in the Infinity War and Endgame.

Despite the fact that Eternals have been hiding and blending in with humans for a long, they haven’t ever intervened to prevent major catastrophes. And this ultimately means that they haven’t helped to save humanity at all. This might be the right time that they step in, do something, and prove their worth.

A voice-over from Ajak, who is the leader of the team, explains that they have “observed and guided” humanity. Ajak is also credited with having helped in the advancement of human civilization.

We find that in Eternals, Kingo becomes a Bollywood star to blend with humans, the trailer also included a Bollywood dance sequence. The thing that stands out is the fact that Kingo is wearing a costume like that of Ikaris, who was the tactical leader of the Eternals.

This could be a tease of the fact that the secret of the Eternals has been revealed and Kingo is now taking advantage of it and is using it in a movie. We would have to wait till everything comes out, but all this seems really out-of-the-box and interesting!