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Eternals Movie Filmed In Real Locations Most Of The Time Says Salma Hayek


Eternals Updates: Being the leader of the Eternals, Ajak, a character played by Salma Hayek finds Eternals to be different from the other predecessors of Marvel.

The star of Eternals finds Eternals is different from the other season of the movies from MCU because of their shooting locations. the movie follows, the race created by the Celestials where all the immortals take part, who were on the Earth hidden from the several years who also helped to shape the course of human history.

After a never-ending delay due to coronavirus pandemic, the movie is scheduled to hit the theatres on the 5th of November this year.

Eternals Real Locations

In a discussion with ET, this star of Eternals had spoken about the uniqueness of the show, and how is it different from the other installments of MCU. With the director of Oscar’s favorite, Nomadland’s director, Chloe Zhao, it is for sure that Eternals will be different from other Marvel films.

Salma says, this film will definitely have its own DNA among the Marvel films. She also mentions that this show is going to be unique because of the director of the show, who is a woman, where she means Chloe Zhao.


According to her another thing which the film makes it different from the other is the locations. she said unlike the other Marvel films, this show has more real locations, which makes her show much more different.

She also expresses that she has been always excited about the film, and for sure this film has a special vibe that makes it different from others. She also expresses her views on her character and cast as well, where we can see her saying she loves both.

Putting these things aside, we can say Eternals is ready to depart from the Marvel universe to create its significance among the audience. This show opens-up its broad mentality with the opening of MCU’s first-ever gay superhero, with Brian Tyree Henry’s Phaistos. We can say is directed by Zhao is a great accomplishment by the movie.

Eternals finds to be an international release by Marvel, and this movie is a possible effort by marvel to keep the franchise fresh and not letting any ill effects like superhero oversaturation in the movie.

To do this job well, Zhao seems to fit perfectly. She started lending her own voice and direction to this movie, now let us wait and see how will she shake up the MCU’s superhero genre.