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Salma Hayek Makes Rare Red Carpet Appearance With Daughter Valentina at ‘Eternals’

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Updates: At the film’s world premiere on a Monday night, Salma Hayek graced the red carpet with her daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault.

It surely looked like a family affair for the ‘Eternals’ cast! Speaking about the significant role of ET’s Nischelle Turner Hayek spoke about what her daughter thought about her taking on the superhero who was in the first place written as a man in the comic book the Marvel movie, is based on.

Hayek said:” For me, it’s a shocker in many ways. Just to know that in your 50’s you’re going to be a hero, an action hero, in the Marvel family, and then on top of it, it used to be a man that they just turned into a woman; I mean if somebody told me this five years ago, I would’ve laughed… so hard. And here we are- anything is possible.”

Valentina Paloma(14) the daughter of Salma Hayek who did not hit the red carpet with her famed mother spoke to the ET and that it was really pleasant and cool for her mother to play the character of a superhero in the much-awaited film.

Salma Hayek Red Carpet Look

Salma Hayek
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The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard actress and her daughter both startled looks from the luxury group Kering, which is owned by François-Henri Pinault who is Hayek’s husband.

Outfit of Valentina was pulled of elegantly as she styled up in a black, ruffled polka-dot mini dress by Saint Laurent, while her mother Salma Hayek was alluring in a black, Gucci gown with a plunging neckline, with a side-slit that showed off the dress’s gold under-layer.

The character that Hayek portrays is a soulful leader of the Eternals, Ajak, who is outlined as a hero with a maternal heart who has the power to ameliorate.

The Eternals is the installation of the mighty Celestials and are half of their experimentation on Earth, diverging from the dangerous and monstrous Deviants.

The Eternals can be said of as something which had resided for centuries on Earth, safeguarding the unknowing human race from the dangers that are posed by the Deviants. The Eternals are all set to be premiered by the 5th of November!