Resident Evil Village: Why Ethan Winters Gives Chris His Jacket

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Updates: Resident Evil Village is full of unforgettable events, but the moment Ethan Winters gave Chris Redfield the jacket was one of the most sentimental moments.

This jacket was not worn by Ethan in Resident Evil 7, but it was added to the character in the next game to match the cool Eastern European environment where Resident Evil Village is located. Although Ethan’s face has never been seen from a first-person perspective, his brown jacket gave the character a certain personality.

Chris shows up unexpectedly at Ethan and Mia’s house three years after the events of the previous game. During the game, the two met many times in the village, and Chris did not explain his behavior to Ethan’s family.

Chris revealed that the Mia he shot at the beginning of the game is actually Miranda’s disguised mother. Miranda’s mother’s plan is to use Rose to reincarnate her daughter Eveline, who died at the end of Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil Village: How And Why Rose Gets Ethan’s Jacket

Resident Evil Village
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The exchange took place in the final scene of the game. Ethan handed Rose to Chris, wrapped her in a jacket, and told Chris to “take care of her and teach her to be strong.” Ethan pilots himself and Megamycete, and allows the helicopter to stop Chris, Mia, and Rose to escape.

Ethan left his jacket to Chris for Rose to remember. In Resident Evil 8, Ethan had to face many difficulties and obstacles to save Rose from the Mother Miranda and the four lords. It goes without saying that Ethan wants Rose to remember his sacrifice.

After reviewing post-credit scenes including Capcom at the end of “Resident Evil Village”, the theory is still valid. In this scene, Teen Rose takes a bus to Ethan’s grave, and seems to have adopted her style. Wearing the jacket, he gave Chris.