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What Chicago Med Losing Natalie And April Means For Season 7 After The Latest Episode

CHICAGO MED -- "Got a Friend In Me" Episode 503 -- Pictured: (l-r) Brian Tee as Dr. Ethan Choi, Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton -- (Photo by: Liz Sisson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Chicago Med Season 7 Updates: Natalie and April have got out of Chicago Med? There is a big news on the  ‘Chicago Med’ front with the release that native cast members Torrey Devitto and Yaya DaCosta are leaving after the conclusion of the current season 6.

DeVitto’s Natalie Manning and DaCosta’s April Sexton have been part of some of the highest storyline in the part of the series so far, and their truancy in Season 7 will leave holes in the orchestra that will unquestionably force some big changes.

With ‘Chicago Med’ already pledged another two seasons behind Season 6 and the rest of the native series stars hoped to come back for Season 7, it is worth foreseeing now that the season 6 finale is fast-approaching.

Chicago Med Season 7: Is Natalie going to return as a Doctor or not?

As assumed, the truth burst out about Natalie running off with the heart failure trial meds and giving them to her mom, and it was Will who joined the dots about what she did. Not as assumed, Will accepted to keep on the Supplying Carol with the meds instead of Natalie for the robbery, requiring that Natalie keep it to herself.

The promo for the coming week publicizes that all is not well with Carol, nevertheless, and my money is on the truth getting out on a larger scale and, marking the conclusion of her career.

Chicago Med Season 7

Natalie has completed more than one line in robbing the Kender drugs, and it was truly reckless of her as a physician as well to offer them to her mom and then conceal the proof from her doctors.

Even if she does keep her license, nevertheless, I am hoping that Natalie is at last going to face consequences that either push her out of Med or push her to come to a decision about her future that takes her out of the ED.

April might come back as a Nurse Practitioner.

April’s career appears to be doing good, even if she keeps on to butt heads with Dean Archer over his methods. She was looking into schools in the prior episode, so she was whole-heartedly thinking about it, and I would not be shocked if Chicago Med does the exact thing that Chicago fire did to write out Foster and give farewell to April by sending her back for an advanced degree off-screen.

And if she does become a nurse   practitioner, Chicago Med could definitely bring her back to the ED if Yaya DaCosta ever wanted to come back and the show had the tale.