Green Lights On Apple Watch: What They Mean & How To Turn Them Off

Apple Watch Updates: Apple Watch users might have often noticed some green lights on the back portion of the watch. And many might be wondering what are they really for.

Despite the fact that it is totally normal to have those green lights blinking, users must know the reason for the same as well. Since this wearable is quite popular, this blog can help many understand their watch and use them better.

What do These Lights Tell?

The green light that you see below the watch is linked with the heart rate sensor. While the User Interface of the watch is simple enough, there can be moments when you feel that the things are strange sometimes.

There is a red light too in this wearable, and while many might think that this light shows that there might be an issue, it is simply not the case. The red light glows only to alert the user of new notifications.

The green light however, confuses the user a lot. Firstly, it is placed below the watch face and so might go unnoticed. Secondly, they might also glow when the user has not wore it! This is mysterious, isn’t it?

These green lights are present to simply monitor heart rate. To measure the heart rate, these green lights are blinked. Apple Watch uses these lights to detect the amount of blood flow and then it determines the heart rate. At the moment when the watch takes more and more readings, the green light would blink more quickly.

Apple Watch: How can we Turn off These Green Lights?

If you look at it, there is no reason for turning off these lights. The lights light up only to measure the heart rate of the user. If it is not measuring, it won’t light up.

Though there can be moments when the green light glows even when the user has not put the watch on, but this happens only when the watch is still calculating figures or is still assessing the results.

As the green light glows up when you are measuring heart rate, if you want to turn it off entirely, then you need to turn off the heart rate monitoring feature off.

To do this, open the Apple Watch’s Settings and then navigate to Privacy, then Health. You will find an option here of Heart Rate and from there, you can disable this feature. This, if done, will entirely disable the Watch’s feature of Heart Rate Monitoring.

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