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Chicago Med Season 7 Natalie and April Leaves the Show?

Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 12
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Chicago Med Season 7 Updates: It is an American medical drama television series that first premiered on November 2015. The sixth premiered in November 2020 and is currently going on.

The show is about doctors and nurses working in the emergency department of the Chicago Medical centre  and the crossover between their lives.

In the most recent update, it was revealed that the original cast members Torrey DeVitto and Yaya DaCosta who played the role of Natalie Manning and April Saxton are going to be leaving the show by the end of season 6.

They have had a huge impact on many storyline’s of the show before and fans cannot imagine how the other the rest of the seasons would look without them.

The show has already been renewed for two more season beyond season 6 and the entire cast except these two is expected to make a return.

As the show had been building extensively around it, and it was bound to come out some time, the truth about Natalie stealing the heart failure trials meds for her mother comes out. Will finds it out but surprisingly decides to keep it to himself.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 12
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Natalie is going to be in huge trouble for stealing and deception as it’s not just fraud but also a very risky business. So building on this, one could see why Natalie would be leaving the show as she probably would not have her medical license to practise further.

April’s character has been doing fine on the screen and nothing seems off to not renew her character but based on the current episodes, the show might just send April off to study more and get some advanced degree as she has been shown looking into schools and institutes.

The two characters have had their share of romance in the show and the fans had expected to see them get back with them but considering the recent change of events, this probably would not be happening.

The one exciting thing coming out of this would be to see who the new characters would be to fill up the places being a acted by the two very important characters. One might guess that it would be two women only as the show would lack women otherwise.

Stay tuned for more updates.