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Chicago Med Season 7 Release Date Revealed!

Chicago Med Season 7

Chicago Med Season 7 has been announced here we few-Information about the upcoming Season. Chicago Med has finally returned with season 7! It’s making the viewers hyped up as the release date is super soon. You heard that right, it’s going to premiere on the 22nd of September, 2021 so add it to your to-watch list. Chicago Med is a fictional medical series, based in the United States and follows the doctors and nurses of a medical centre. There’s been information rolling around that there are various changes and we’re sure your curiosity is taking charge so, here’s what we know!

Chicago Med Season 7 Info

The biggest change of Chicago Med season 7 is in the current cast. Allegedly, Yaya DaCosta and Torrey DeVitto are going to be departing from the series. It’s mainly due to their contracts being over and they don’t seem to want to renew them anytime soon, since the story of their characters is all covered already. Steven Weber would be seen as Dr. Dean and he would most likely be substituting Dr. Choi as the head of ED because Choi is still in the recovery process.

Chicago Med Season 7 Info

From other sources, we’ve found out that there are possibly new characters who will be joining the team at the Medical Centre. Chicago Med was created by Matt Olmstead and Dick Wolf, it shows compassion and motivation which could potentially inspire the audience as well. It first premiered on NBC’s original show in November 2015. Throughout the length of six seasons of the critics’
favorite series, it has also won steady ratings by fans as well.


As the previous season had just been released in May of this year, it is impressive that they’re coming out with another full-blown season which would probably consist of 20+ episodes. We’re presuming that episode 1 of season 7 of Chicago Med, would be picking up right from where season 6 had ended. It would be quite a magnificent experience to finally get answers to all the mind-boggling mysteries. Expect to view Ethan recover from his injury in the starting and perhaps Dean would have a confrontation with Will. They could also be trying to show different sides to Dean, as he would be contrasting his own identity.

Season 7 Release Date

Many in-depth emotional look-ups would be portrayed in season seven along with the usual drama of regular medical life- saving people from variant shortcomings. Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes of Chicago Med, as they air on NBC every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, and if you’d want to rewatch or binge the rest of the seasons, they’re available for your entertainment on Peacock as well as Hulu.

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