My Hero Academia: The 5 Scenes which changed Shoto Todoroki Forever

My Hero Academia follows Izuku Midoriya has been preparing hard with his mentors and adversaries and procured the right to One For All. What’s more, Shoto’s character curve is one of My Hero Academia‘s best, highlighting a lot of development throughout the series. Shoto is the result of a Quirk marriage, brought in the world with the sole purpose of passing the great All Might to fulfill Endeavour’s rivalry with him. Even though things are turning around, five specific scenes, making it clear that Shoto is still growing as a hero and a person.

My Hero Academia: When Rei Todoroki Burned Shoto’s Face

Endeavor pressurized his youngest son to become a powerful trainee hero to surpass Al Might which Shoto resented. Shoto’s relationship with his father is souring but when Rei was sent to the hospital by Endeavour and last contact with his beloved mother. Moreover, Shoto was more self-absorbed and furious, demonstrate hatred for his father and he distanced himself from the family name and all Endeavour’s plans.

Izuku’s Encouraging Words In The Sports Festival for Shoto

The U.A. Sports Festival arc was loaded with exciting twists and turns, starting from Izuku seeing the ghosts of One For All’s previous Users match between the Shoto and Izuku on the second round. Izuku gave it he all to face the student prodigy while Shoto was still holding back. Izuku appealed emotionally to Shoto, demanding his actual power and regards to his classmates and U.A.’s name with a full degree of his talents.

Shoto expressed gratitude toward Izuku for breaking his mental barriers. He would also utilize both halves of his phenomenon Quirk in combat-aside from against Katsuji Bakugo in the tournament finale.

When Shoto  Failed the Hero License Exam

The significant test that united students from other hero schools and 18 of class 1-A’s students cleared it, which was a temporary hero license exam. Shoto was capable of the task. He showed his sympathetic side by helping Bakugo, Camie Utsushimi, and other students after makeup exams. In the upcoming weeks, Shoto’s humility brings some inner peace and clearness of purpose. Shoto is skilled, but he can’t drift it alone, which he understands very well.

When Shoto Defeated Stain

Tensei Iida’s defeat because of Stain affected Tenya’s life. This short story arc affected Shoto, who is an important player in the battle against Stain and the Nomu. Shoto and his classmate acquired experience about actual combat resemble, by pushing his absolute limit. Shoto built a sense of friendship and trust with Izuku and Tenya after this event. He even jokes about how Izuku and Tenya endured wounds to their hands due to his involvement in their battles.

Close to the end of My Hero Academia Season 4, Shoto and Endeavor, both were in conflicts and odds, compared less to the past. Shoto has understood that friends and teammates can have an important influence on others. He isn’t ready to forgive Endeavor for his past. Shoto along with their brother and sister observed as their father battled the Hooded Nomu. In the progression of Season 5, Encleavor is released from the hospital with another scar. So far in the anime, it is clear that they will truly make up, but the stage has been set rather.

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