My Hero Academia Shares the Surprising Reason Izuku Went Solo

My Hero Academia Updates: Izuku Midoriya always aspired to be a hero following the footsteps of his role model. All the fans know how close he’s to reaching his goal.

He still hasn’t grown strong enough but is training rough for a huge development in his strength and agility. Deku has seen hell in his training period in U.A Academy.

We met with the boy in the manga, My Hero Academia in its chapter 309 . He continued to work alone in Tokyo with tremendous determination and hardwork to achieve his goals. A short flashback explains so as to why Izuku chose to work solo after the Raid Arc.

It’s obvious that Izuku is more concerned about the life of others than his own. He doesn’t want to put someone else’s life in grave danger by teaming up with them.

He knew that there were too many powerful villains looking out for him and if he teamed up with someone that would only mean dragging them into a dangerous situation.

My Hero Academia Chapter 309

My Hero Academia

“I’m not going back to UA.Shigaraki has the ability to locate me. It wouldn’t even come as a surprise if he showed up to attack me right now”, Izuku told All Might and his mother during the sequence. ”

But I don’t want anyone else to get hurt. If they reach full strength, things will get worse than ever which is why I have to stop Shigaraki and All For One before that happens “.

It’s obvious that Izuku has made up his mind to work alone and to give his everything to save the country , protecting everyone. He really has a soft heart and is selfless when it comes to protecting people and sacrificing for the country.

Izuku’s power has grown considerably and the day isn’t far when he will be reunited with his class 1-A allies. While Bakugo and Ochaco are taking their time to level up their quirk, Izuku is training hard and is levelling his quirks much faster than before.

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