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My Hero Academia Proves Animal Weirdness Is Extremely Underappreciated

My Hero Academia Proves Animal Weirdness

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia delves deep into the intense battle between classes 1-A and 1-B, demonstrating how savage U.A. can be at times. It’s a 5-vs-4 match, with Hitoshi Shinso displaying his refined Indoctrination Quirk toward Class 1-B’s team, but he’s not the only legend around here.

Tsuyu Asui and Jurota Shishida demonstrate how powerful animalistic Quirks can be. One for all, Half-Hot-Half-Cold, and Bakugo’s Explosion Quirk have become some of the most spectacular Quirks up to this point. Prey Quirks, on the other hand, are on the rise, as many characters, including professional champions, show Mother Nature’s fearsome strength.

Three University of Arizona students and one professional hero have already made a name for themselves with animal-themed Quirks. Koji Koda, in specific, has demonstrated that even distinctly average Quirks can be equipped to become incredible.

He was initially shy and unconfident, with a paralyzing hatred of insects until his colleague Kyoka Jiro talked him out of it. Koji recalled his resolve to become a delicate but powerful hero, resurrecting a swarm of creatures to bombard a frightened Present Mic and sustain his team’s success.

My Hero Academia Proves Animal Weirdness

My Hero Academia Proves Animal Weirdness

As per CBR, Koji had been a legitimate gloomy horse up until that point, but he’s now making excellent use of his Anivoice Quirk and his imagination. He used flocks of birds to disperse and confuse his many foes during the probationary hero license exam, and now he uses birds to hunt out Class 1-B’s team. Sadly, Koji is quickly apprehended, cutting his time in the limelight short.

Koji’s Anivoice ability is the most obvious nature theme, but the universe of species Quirks does not halt there. Jurota Shishida made his big debut appearance in the last two seasons as Hank McCoy/Beast from X-Men. Jurota has unkempt fur, bloated canines, and a strong side body, as well as human intelligence and a pointed nose.

Tsuyu Asui and her Frog Quirk come into play here. Tsuyu has always been adept at jumping around, jumping, and using her long tongue in the manner of a real frog, but in the Fifth season Episode 4, she brings her skills to a new level.

Why My Hero Academia is Extremely Underappreciated?

As they enter Class 1-B’s party, she secretes large and powerful mucus and wraps Denki and Hitoshi in it to make them detect the same, effectively fooling Jurota’s nose. Class 1-A wins, thanks to Tsuyu’s ambush techniques and heavy tongue. It also helps that Tsuyu is backed up by Hitoshi Shinso, who has been working with Shota Aizawa and has some severe Indoctrination tactics.

Hawks, the second-place finisher, is proving that animal eccentricities are worthy of respect in the sporting community. The two red vulture wings of his Extreme Wings Quirk appear on his back.

Because of their wings, hawks can fly at incredible heights, giving them an advantage in stamina and size. He may also use those wings to float around and pass people or objects individually.

Hawks frequently use this technique to save people, and when on offense, he uses his best wings as sharpener blades. Hawks’ animalistic Quirk, along with Tsuyu, Jurota, and others, use all of their aquatic talents to aid Endeavour in his battle against the formidable Hooded Nomu, and no doubt Hawks’ animalistic Quirk, along with Tsuyu, Jurota, and others, will shine again in the future seasons.