My Hero Academia Movie: Teaser Reveal all the villain’s together

My Hero Academia Updates: On Sunday, November 22nd, three official accounts of the manga, anime and Twitter film My Hero Academia released images mocking the next project.

The third animated film, My Hero Academia, is available. Placing three images side by side creates a poster featuring Izuku (Justin Brinner), Bakugo (Clifford Chapin), and Shoto (David Matranga) with updated costumes made up of numbers. The slogan third Rome. “He’s going to hit all three gunmen.”

Although the new MHA film has not been officially confirmed, fans of the hit animated series have begun speculating on the possible plot of the film on social media, and the theory suggests the return of the main series. Villain, All for One (John Swazi).

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Series creator Kohei Horikoshi mentioned in a 2019 statement that My Hero Academy: Heroes of the Rebellion will probably be the franchise’s last film because he believes it can’t beat the twist at the end of the Heroes of Rebellion.

After the mysterious teaser poster was released from official sources, a new animated film ran again among MHA fans. Among the theories presented by Internet fans,’ Thoth’ is probably the next new villain faced by the three killers Izuku, Bakugo, and Shoto.

The two MHA films featured Izuku and Almighty (Christopher Sabat) fought with My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and temporarily sent Bakugou one way-third in Heroes Rising Izuku. . The MHA film highlighted All Four One’s efforts, implicitly included in the teaser.

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Foster suggested that the new MHA film would include some of the roles of All For One, based on the clue that “they would be hit by three gunmen.” The term “Three Musketeers” has a deeper meaning in MHA. The iconic motto of Alexandre Dumas’ novel “Three Musketeers” “One for All, All for One” is also called “Izuku and All for One Quirks” or higher powers-“one for all” and “all for one” respectively Do it.

With this in mind, there may be clues that Izuku and All Four One will meet for the first time in a new movie. The meeting of Izuku and All For One could lead to their confrontation, but as predicted in the season 2 episode “Listen!!

Stories of the Past”, the villain could otherwise appear in the movie on a small scale. Uncover another mystical memory of “All for One”: its origins and rise in power.

Based on the MHA animated series track, it makes sense for All For One to appear in the next film. Everything about one of the animated series disappeared after he fought Almighty on Kamino during season 3 and was imprisoned by Tartarus. In the post-credit scene of “End of Beginning, Beginning of End”, All for One points out that the Almighty “missed the opportunity to disappear” and sacrificed everything “to help his student become independent”. ore.

It seems that one of them is being forced to develop his student Shigaraki independently. When Shigaraki became the Independent Villain League leader in season 4, he effectively replaced All for One as the main villain in the series.

With this in mind, All For One may no longer have anything to do with the most important anime/manga timeline, so a standalone movie might be the only answer to return without disturbing Shigaraki’s bow.

One of the downsides of this theory is the fact that MHA movies are technically not standard in anime/manga because events in MHA movies are not mentioned in the animated series and exist as separate stories.

If Izuku meets the main villain All Four One with first-class A in the next movie, it will be a so big event in the franchise that the results of the main series will be inevitable.

Or, as Horikoshi played a bigger role in creating the heroes of the rebellion than in making the first Two Heroes film, if you continue to participate in the movie My Hero Academia, you can eventually get into the cannon. above.

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