My Hero Academia: Shinso’s Brainwashing Quirk Got Upgraded

My Hero Academia: Hitoshi Shinso of MHA has put in his all everything to be a pro hero but still isn’t able to get himself enrolled in the Hero Course at U.A. This may not be the case anymore though. As in the latest episode of Season 5, Shinso gets an opportunity to showcase what he has got and how much he has improved in a tryout for the Hero Course. He is added into the combat training where Class 1-A and 1-B fight against each other. The students develop a mixed feeling towards him. Some see him as an asset with his quirk while others see him as a burden with his inexperience.

Shinso possesses the quirk of Brainwashing, which enables him to control the target and make it obey whatever he commands him to do. However, this quirk also has a setback; it can be only activated when someone verbally responds to what Shinso says. Thus, for someone who knows Shinso well it’s easy to ignore him and to be safe.

My Hero Academia: Details

The state at which Shinso puts his opponents can be disregarded when the target’s body receives a physical shock. When Midoriya broke his own finger to come out of this state in Episode 20 of season 2, we came to know about this detail of Shinso’s quirk. So Shinso’s quirk is mostly a double-edged sword which might even put him in danger sometimes.

In the recent episode in Season 5, we see Shinso in a completely different look than before. He now wears a mask that covers his face almost completely and has artificial vocal cords attached to it and also has the ability to mimic other people’s voices. This new technology can easily trick the opponent to fall into his trap.

Also, Shinso now wraps himself in a long scarf, similar to his mentor Eraserhead. Shinso’s mentor taught him various fighting skills. One of them is when he can use his scarf around the neck to grab weapons and restrain things thus improving his overall mobility.

Now, it’s more likely that Shinso will keep on growing from here on and keep developing his techniques to be included in the course. He has also been training with experienced students to improve himself and to get enrolled in the course.

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