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Loki: There’s a big MCU secret hiding in the new trailer for the Disney + show

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Loki Updates: In “Loki” the rascal god gets up to speed with the Time Variance Authority. The new trailer now shows a Skrull in this “authority”. This points to the upcoming Disney + series “Secret Invasion” starring Nick Fury.

Marvel fans have to wait around 2 months before the eagerly awaited series about Tom Hiddleston’s God of practical jokes and deception will start on June 11, 2021, on Disney A second trailer recently set the mood for the upcoming series, and this one hides a great MCU secret.

Immediately after about 8 seconds, you can see a Skrull in the trailer above, who is obviously in his true form in the Time Variance Authority. You can see the Skrull on the following picture on the right in an Adidas tracksuit.

Marvel fans know, of course, that with ” Secret Invasion ” another MCU series will probably start on Disney + in 2022, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn. “Secret Invasion” is the adaptation of the Marvel crossover comic of the same name from 2008, in which the Skrulls infiltrate the earth and pretend to be Avengers.

Loki Trailer

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The Skrulls already made an appearance in “Captain Marvel” with Brie Larson, the credits scene of ” Spider-Man: Far From Home ” and in the finale of “WandaVision”. What is the trailer Skrull doing in the Time Variance Authority?

Still, the Skrull surprises in the new “Loki” trailer, which just seems to hang out in its true form in the lobby of the Time Variance Authority. Will the shapeshifters play a major role in “Loki”?

Or is your later appearance simply teased here in typical MCU fashion? At least the earthly outfit of the trailer Skrull seems to indicate the plans: Earth is the next target of the aliens!

In addition to the new trailer, there has also been some other exciting news about “Loki” in the past weeks and months: For example, several Lokis could appear in the series And the Disney + show may even change the whole Marvel universe.

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