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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 91 Preview Sets Up Class 1-A’s Next Mission

My Hero academia Season 5
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My Hero academia Season 5 Updates: My Hero Academia is getting into its next season as we all know it and the team has released the preview stills of the series a week ago.

Now, My Hero, Academia has stepped into class 1A’s mission and focussing on it to get the mission in the upcoming seasons.

The fifth season of my Hero Academia has been released and the second episode itself dug into the pro hero arc that has been left uncompleted at the end of the previous season ( season 4). With the return of Kohel Horikoshi’s arc in episode 2, we came up with the most anticipated first real arc of the season.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 91

My Hero academia Season 5
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Episode 91 is titled clash! Class 1A vs. Class 1B. The preview of the episode shows that the episode would be a joint training arc. Jn this arc we are so free to watch the complete battle between the class 1A and class 1B and how far they would go as they are enrolled in the school.

The episode tackles the joint training arc and the clash between the two classes will be a draw according to the previews. The audience may be able to see how Hitoshi Shinso has grown since season 2 as Hitoshi is involved in the arc.

Following the massive reveals of the one for all’s the origin of the newest episodes this would be the only thread about the season as it has revealed through the preview of the series. Season 5 of my Hero Academia has been expected for more interesting events than the previous seasons and has a good response among the audience.

There are more turns and interesting events in the upcoming episodes that the audience must have to wait for a short. The upcoming episodes would be involved more in the arc and make the episodes more interesting.