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Boruto Synopsis Sets Up a Major Kawaki Moment

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Boruto Updates: Boruto: Naruto The Next Generation returned to their manga event through The Ship of the Ship, introducing the 7th team to Kawaki’s Kara Organization ship. A new review of the future plot shows that a mysterious new character is beginning. Konoha’s people and places.

When we first saw Kawaki, he was not behind in the energy sector because he was able to release the energy that consumed the notorious villain Garou, and anime fans are now learning more. It has a softer side.

The Vessel Arc was originally told on the pages of the Boruto manga, and the anime adds more information to the story by exploring Kawaki’s young. The organization’s father, Kara, is the collective evil leader Jigen, and he believes that Kawaki will be the ideal choice to inherit the mighty power of Kara’s power hand.

He rode through the “Hidden Leaf Village”, and although he tried to escape, he realized that maybe this ninja series might be his best choice for a normal life.

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Episode 195 trailer Boruto: Naruto: Next Generations stated that Naruto wanted to bring Kawaki to the “town” with the following description

“Kawaki and others went to Ino’s shop to buy vases. They met Sarada and others on a path Since the threat from the Kara organization is still very real, the 7th team still does not know how to react to Kawaki, and they have not 100% confirmed that this new Hidden Blade weapon is not a dual agent supporting Jigen’s future plans.

Needless to say, since Kara and her leader Jigen are still planning, it is obvious that Boruto and his friends will be by their side and need their help as they try to defend their lives. The village did not expose this kind of opposition to Konoha and Konoha. The secret of the new threat of the ninja world.

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