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Outriders’ Fire Witch Build Explained

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Outriders Updates: Square Enix’s new looter shooter Outriders features four unique character classes to settle on from. Each of those character archetypes is often played in several alternative ways that accentuate either gunplay or the utilization of their skills.

On March 31, Square Enix showed gamers one among the various ways to play the Pyromancer class in Outriders, which focuses on area-of-effect abilities and damage-over-time debuffs to scale back enemies to ashes.

While many users could be tempted to play Outriders sort of a traditional third-person shooter, its skill system lets gamers adopt alternative strategies. The Pyromancer’s kit is filled with abilities that will deal devastating damages to groups of enemies.

As players progress through the Outriders’ campaign, they will prefer to skill into powering up their ability damage rather than their weapon damage and find weapons and equipment to enrich those abilities. That essentially turns the Pyromancer into a spellcaster more traditionally seen in fantasy RPG games.

Square Enix showcased what it calls the hearth Witch to create during a YouTube video published on March 31. This unique character strategy enhances the damage Outriders’ Pyromancers can affect their skills and the way frequently they will use them.

The gear and mods seen in the video are all optimal endgame items, but players should be happy to experiment with the hearth Witch build with any armor or weapons they need available to them. Here’s how this particular outrider Pyromancer builds works and why it is so strong.

Outriders Fire Witch Build: the talents

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The Fire Witch build relies on the synergy between the subsequent Pyromancer skills. Players won’t have access to all or any of those skills until they reach level 22.

Overheat: Deals 503 damage to all or any enemies with an outsized radius and Interrupt their skills. Enemies afflicted with Burn receive 6,455 damage instead (the Burn are going to be consumed).

F.A.S.E.R Beam: Fire an entry beam that deals 11,672 that benefits from 150% of Status Power, inflicting Burn and causing Interrupt to enemies hit by the beam, also as enemies in a little radius around you.

Eruption: Create an eruption beneath the chosen enemy, dealing 12,691 damage to all or any enemies in a little radius of the target. The eruption spews lava, handling damage over time in a little area.

Open fights with Overheat to use its debuff to each enemy around the Pyromancer. Next, use F.A.S.E.R Beam for a huge burst of injury and follow up with Eruption.

Use Overheat whenever it’s off cooldown and pick off isolated targets with primary weapons. the hearth Witch’s main strategy is to hit hordes of enemies with their skills, so running around and luring enemies into groups is vital.

Outriders Fire Witch Build: The Armor And Weapons


To further boost the facility of the hearth Witch build-in Outriders, players will want to equip armor and weapons that buff their skills’ damage and reduce their cooldowns. they will further increase those benefits by using mods to feature buffs to their gear.

Square Enix featured the Outriders’ legendary Lava Lich armor set, which is perfect but difficult to seek out. It grants a 40% damage increase to Eruption and reduces its cooldown by 10% when players equip three pieces of the five-part set. Pyromancers should strive for this gear but can accept the other items that boost their chosen skills.

Players will want to first specialize in acquiring the simplest mods for his or her gear, which are far more attainable. the subsequent four mods elevate Outriders’ Fire Witch build and will be the highest gear priorities.

Etna is or gloves, and lets Eruption be activated 1 longer before triggering the cooldown.
Pompeii is for footgear and adds an Eruption charge, which stacks with Etna and provides the Pyromancer 3 total charges of the skill before it goes on cooldown.

Even managing to urge one or two of those modes halfway through a run will seriously boost the Pyromancer’s power, but there are many ways to play the fire-casting class.

Players should experiment with every item and mod they find, especially if they boost abilities that employment well together. There are many class synergies to get in Outriders, and therefore the Fire Witch build only scratches the surface of what is possible.