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Outriders Developer Gives Update on Inventory Wipe Bug

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Outriders Updates: Since launching the game earlier this month, Outriders has encountered many issues, including errors that caused some players’ inventory to be deleted.

In the new update, the developer People Can Fly confirmed that the problem is “critical” and is trying to recover “as many lost devices as possible” for the affected people.

The developer plans to restore items for all players immediately. These items will be added to the player’s current inventory instead of replacing new items. Hope this solution will come soon!

Several players reported that since launch, they usually cleared their inventory when joining or leaving a group of friends.

Various items have been removed from the player’s list and removed from it. Multiplayer games do nothing for players except to make them lose their progress.

Although some enthusiasts may be disappointed that the error cannot be fixed as quickly as possible, the problems may be frank, their progress in solving the problem and their attempts to solve the problem.

“We are aware and deeply sorry that some users are continuing to encounter an inventory wipe. We are doing everything we can to resolve this issue, both server, and game-side. Our plan is still to work on a restoration for all affected accounts,” the Outriders TWEETED on Saturday following the release of a patch for PS5.

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The developers hope that their latest patch will solve this problem, but this is not the case.For now, players only need to wait patiently and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, not everyone has solved some of the problems that have plagued Outriders in the past few weeks. The negative sentiment on social media prompted Daley Johnson, the former Sea of ​​Thieves community manager, to provide support to the team.

Johnson and his team were abused when they released “Sea of ​​Thieves”, unfortunately, this often happens on the Internet.

Outrider is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Available on S and PC via Steam and Google Stadia. You can view all our previous game reviews here.