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Outriders Boasts Highest Concurrent Player Count After Server Stabilize

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Outriders Updates: The new hit game, Outriders, has hit a huge number of concurrent players on Steam over the long weekend, with over 100,000 players logging on.

The now infamous shooter game Outriders has reached an entirely new milestone today on Steam; the multiplayer co-op looter shooter is boasting the very best concurrent player count since its release after the servers were finally stabilized.

This is often surely an enormous relief for the developers, who have likely been working non-stop since launch to repair the server issues that are plaguing the sport all week.

Outriders are one among the most important titles on Steam immediately, following a massively successful demo earlier within the year and a somewhat rocky start to its official release.

While fans of the demo were eagerly pre-purchasing the sport in time for its April 1 release, it seems that the studio wasn’t ready for the strain players would be placed on the game’s servers. Numerous players were unable to even log in to the game; others only got brief snippets before server issues shut them out once more.

It seems that the devs have managed to beat the server load issue, because the official Twitter account for Outriders sent out a tweet on April 4th confirming that the servers are back online.

Not only are the servers operational, but it’s just like the devs have already been rewarded for his or her work because the player count for Outriders has hit its highest concurrent peak since launch. Over 100,000 players were online on Saturday by 9:00 a.m. PT.

Outriders: Player Count

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However, this number soon dropped backtrack to only 30,000, possibly thanks to the game’s rampant server issues. The developer team restored the servers another time, and therefore the player count then rose to over 116,000 concurrent players after 2:00 p.m.

By subsequent morning, Outriders was going strong, with 125,000 players logging thereon afternoon. this is often a powerful number for the studio, one that the devs should all be pleased with reaching.

It cannot be easy to take care of such crowded online servers, especially as new crises crop up a flash to moment. to form matters worse, the web community may be a consistently erratic one, and therefore the very vocal complaints leveled at the developers by the Outriders community can’t have made permanent morale.

It is a shame, because, by all accounts, Outriders may be a truly enjoyable game when it works, as rarely as that seems to be.

Not all of the problems are fixed as of yet, but the developers cannot be blamed for prioritizing the glaring server issues. Many players have reported getting stuck on the initial “Signing In” loading screen, missing HUD load-outs, and a few lobbies are known to lock players out completely.

Hopefully, after some much-earned rest, the team at People Can Fly is going to be ready to get on top of those issues and begin making Outriders the enjoyable game that fans of the demo realize it is often.