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Among Us’ New Airship Map: Everything You Need To Know

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Among Us Updates: The new Airship map in Among Us has finally arrived, bringing new tasks, free hats, and an entire lot more. Here’s everything to know about the update. After waiting several months, fans can now play around with the Airship map in Among Us.

The latest update to the hit social deduction game from InnerSloth introduces quite just a replacement map, however. It also includes new tasks, new rooms, free hats, and more. Here’s everything fans should realize what’s included in Among Us’ Airship update.

Now that the Airship map is finally live, many players are becoming to experience it for the primary time. A glitch caused some Switch players to ascertain the Airship early last year, but now the ultimate product is officially in-game.

Ahead of the Airship’s release, InnerSloth announced a series of free hats that might be included within the update. This means players now have access to hats like Chocolate frozen dessert, Unicorn, and Rubber Glove at no additional cost.

The Airship map, which is predicated on an identical vessel in InnerSloth’s Henry Stickmin games, also includes a variety of latest rooms. The new rooms in Among Us’ new map include the Kitchen and Showers, and a number of other rooms from existing maps are reused here with different names.

The Latest Updates For The Among Us Airship Map

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A new account system for Among Us is additionally included within the Airship update. Players can prefer to play in Guest Mode instead, but signing up for an account will accompany a variety of advantages.

The perks of getting an account include the power to use free chat (Guest Mode players need to use the fast Chat wheel instead), also as going to create a display name (conversely, Guest Mode players need to choose between an inventory of random names).

The new account system is additionally an excellent thanks to reporting abusive or cheating players, and it is a feature that a lot of fans have asked for, so it’s nice to ascertain that it’s finally included with the sport.

The Airship map also features a variety of tasks. While several new tasks were confirmed or teased within the Airship trailer at the sport Awards 2020, the arrival of the map in-game means players are discovering all these new tasks for themselves.

Some of the new tasks within the Airship update include jewel polishing and emptying trash, which suggests there’s even more stuff for players to try to do.

Overall, the Airship map may be a welcome addition to Among Us. With its large, open rooms and new gameplay features like ladders, also because of the interesting new tasks and free hats, the Airship appears to possess been well worth the wait.