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Legacies Season 3 Boss Breaks Down Premiere’s Big Twists

Legacies Season 3

Legacies Season 3 Updates: This week (January 21), Legacies came back to US screens to kick off its third season in a traditionally twisty way, and in its season three premiere episode, the Vampire Diaries spin-off has already dropped two big bombshells.

First off, somehow, Chad (Charles Jazz Terrier) managed to summon both a creature named Nimue (also known as The Lady of the Lake) and a deadly being called the Green Knight, both of whom were chasing the mythical Excalibur sword.

Nimue clarified that Excalibur could be picked up only by a worthy warrior, which literally meant that only an individual from a royal bloodline could wield it.

Rafael Waithe (Peyton Alex Smith) delivered a major surprise when he quickly took the sword out of the stone and threw it into the head of the Green Knight after a lot of the characters tried and struggled to pull Excalibur from the stone it was lying in.

Legacies Season 3 Let’s know more details:

Legacies Season 3

Brett Matthews, the executive producer of Legacies, has teased TVLine with more info about Rafael’s big family revelation, announcing that Raf will eventually find out more about his roots.

The moment was definitely a really big one for Raf, he said. The journey of Raf over the first few seasons was always about family. He always wondered where he came from as a foster boy, and finding out that he is related to a royal bloodline is an unexpected response to that question.

But he’s actually going to learn all the stuff he’s always wanted to know about himself, like the roots of his heritage. He just felt like he was the best entity to step in and save the day.

The massive revelation of Rafael wasn’t the only twist of the show either, as Chad and Alyssa Chang (Olivia Liang) were both doing big stuff. Death is very fluid, but at the same time, he explained, it felt like a sad end for Chad.

He’s a tiny character, but he sure grew upon us. I don’t know if we’ll ever see Chad again, but at the end of this show, he’s pretty certainly gone. His impact on the Necromancer is going to be felt going forward. In other ways, he will live on.