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Legacies Season 3: Whether The Vampire Diaries Caroline Return?

Legacies Season 3

Legacies Season 3 Updates: The second spin-off of the ever-loving show, “The Vampire Diaries”, is on its way for the 3rd season. Legacies are the cross-world of the children in both “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals”.

From the information received, season 3 of this spin-off has hit the screens on 21st January 2021. There are many questions rendering in the minds of Legacies fans, whether they will be able to see their favorite.

We have seen, Matthew Davis in the show, as Alaric Saltzman. His shift to this series from the original has developed hope to the fans. Making many to think Weather Vampire Dairies colleague Candice King to follow as Caroline Forbes.

It is possible that the audience can have her appearance on the screens, after all, Kaylee Bryant (Josie) want to spend some moments with her (Caroline).

If we talk about the possibility from the backend, Brett Matthews, executive producer of Legacies in his interview with TVLine has said, “You are probably sick of hearing, but our answer is still the same, the door is always open to Candice.” From these words, we can clearly understand that the possibility of her returning is higher.

He also said that they all love and think highly of her. Not only him, but the whole crew loves, Caroline Forbes. They would surely be excited about her returning.

Legacies Season 3: What the Boss has to say about Caroline Return?

Legacies Season 3

He also said that it is completely dependent on her if she wants to return. He expresses that it would be really challenging to figure out how Caroline fits into legacies. Even if it is for an episode or even for a whole season.

Though, he also shared his views on her schedule. Her, returning to the show completely depends upon her schedule and the number of shows she’s in.

Legacies show is doing pretty well. The executive director shares that “this show is absolutely doing its own thing. As the title of the show suggests, the show is built upon the legacies of other shows. This completely justifies the title, to be honest. So, we would love that.

Caroline’s return would definitely affect the show, it can be in a negative way or a positive. There are equal possibilities for her appearance to change the show both for a better and a worse side. Rest all other things are completely dependent on the writers of this show.

To the fans of “Caroline Forbes”, there is a still chance alive for her to return to the show. So, make sure to cross your fingers and hope for her appearance on Legacies.