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Fall Guys Season 4: Skyline Stumble Revealed As Chaotic New Level

Fall Guys Season 4

Fall Guys Season 4 Updates: New video clip of an upcoming season four Skyline Stumble level assures sci-fi-filled mayhem for Fall Guys’ poor, wobbly bean competitor.

Fall Guys, season four is still rushing towards release, but creators of the vibrant, online obstacle dare unleashed today that the game’s next fragment will include several totally new levels. The social media post even gave the fans a quick glance at the (literally) electrifying zone called Skyline Stumble.

Presently still chilling in its third, winter-themed season, Fall Guys notifies the game’s upcoming futuristic facelift only a few weeks ago & assures to release more data on the release date soon.

Despite the lack of data on the season’s release, the battle royale for bumbling, virtual beans looks to be happy to feed fans new data about what is to be expected.

Fall Guys Season 4: New Levels

Last week, Mediatonic, the game’s developers, reveals 4 new looks coming in the sci-fi season four. The diverse group of skins will permit players to dress the game’s bean competitors up as things like a suited-up governmental agent – complete with an alien friend – & a shining disco ball.

Fall Guys Season 4
Screen Rant

To commemorate the now-disbanded Daft Punk, one of the game’s concept artists, Kian Kiani, divides a vision of what the musicians might have looked like shaky contestants. Though not an official costume, it is beautiful on-brand for Fall Guys’ coming season.

Present-day season four reveal comes straight from the Fall Guys official Twitter account & views the highlights of one of the seven new levels upcoming to the game. Skyline Stumble, as the area is named in the message, looks to be a rigorous course and made for up to sixty players.

Several barriers in the neon-bathed level are displayed in a short video attached to the post. It focuses on the mayhem that fans have come to await from the game as the poor, humble beans are moved down by electrified swinging bars, confounded by disappearing floors, and catapulted by “Flippity Bippities.” The post also indicates the danger of features like low gravity, forcefields, and big red buttons.

While the news of the game’s next biggest update would be still flying around, Fall Guys fans were hit with an astonished bombshell: Mediatonic have been grasped by Epic Games.

Both the Fortnite creators on Mediatonic promise the fans that the contract will benefit everyone, giving Fall Guys access to more resources for the game & making Epic the steward of yet another popular title.

Fall Guys’- 4th season looks like it will be a step up from previous updates with more levels and fun costumes galore. The developer assures that there would be nothing in the game that will change because of the deal with Epic, but it focuses clearly that the company is putting its new resources to work.

This may be a particularly good time to show off for Mediatonic since the game would be coming to Xbox & Switch sometime in the burning sun time.


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