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American Horror Story: Lana Winters, How she was in Roanoke and Asylum

American Horror Story

In The American Horror Story: Asylum, Sarah Paulson made an appearance as Lana Winters after that she made a cameo in Roanoke.

In The American Horror Story: Asylum, Lana Winters is the leading figure, which is documented for some years of the fictional world before she came back in Roanoke’s 6th season. Sarah Paulson has done a role as an investigative journalist, who can go on to become one of the frequent actors of the FX anthology series.

Paulson revisited the character in Roanoke, while the story of Lana was wrapped up in a bittersweet way. The actress has such a habit of performing more than a single role in a season, and so on Lana appeared as a fan-favorite.

American Horror Story Update:

American Horror Story

Set mainly in the 1960s, Lana pursued by Asylum when she approached Briarcliff Manor to interview a mass murderer identified as Blood face. Since attempting to reveal the deepest secrets of Briarcliff, the journalist was later committed to the organization under false identities. When confined as a patient, before being a survivor of the actual Bloody face, Dr. Oliver Thredson, Dr. Arthur Arden treated Lana with his cruel and barbaric treatments.

Thredson raped Lana, which resulted in her child being raised, but that won’t stop her from murdering her torturer. She also found a chance of escaping from Briarcliff, allowing the asylum to be revealed so that it will be locked down. Lana realized years later that her son was following the footsteps of that Bloody Face until she murdered him.

By seeing the figure of Lana, she might be at the 82 age range in the timeline of the year 2013, it may be that she was born in the year 1931. In 1964 Lana committed to the Briarcliff, suggesting that, for the majority of 2nd season she was around 33 years old.

On the other side of Paulson, when she played the role, which is not so too far off when she played that role she has been in her late thirties. In 1968, Lana released an autobiography book and named it Maniac: One Women’s tale of Escape, she published it because of the incident that she escaped from Briarcliff Manor.

She might have been around the age of 37 at that stage. After three years Lana and a production team shot a documentary to finally reveal the nightmares inside Briarcliff, putting that nightmare to an end when she was 40 years old.

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