American Horror Story: Why Sarah Paulson was not in American Horror Story 1984

American Horror Story Updates: The series American horror story is one of the fantastic horror series and was created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk.  The entire series was produced by Alexis Martin Woodall, Patrick McKee, Robert M. Williams Jr., Ned Martel.

There was the biggest question among the fan clubs, why Sarah Paulson didn’t appear in 1984.  Let us discuss the answer. American horror story: 1984 marked the first time in the show’s history.

Sarah Paulson played her role well in last season 1’s Murder House. She also returned in every next installment, but suddenly ended in season 9.  The co-creator Ryan Murphy made the entire show in an extraordinary manner and so the audience is eagerly waiting for the new season.

Sarah Paulson is one of the brilliant actresses and she performed her role in many series. There were the highest fan clubs for her acting. I am sure she will be back in season 10.

American Horror Story Sarah Paulson with Murphy

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Before starring in America Horror story, Sarah collaborated with murphy on the medical thriller. Paulson played her role in an excellent manner and so this show makes become’s everyone favorites.

She has played 11 characters through eight seasons.  She was also a famous female leading character in the film industry.

At first  AHS Season, 9 started filming in the year 2019.  Paulson still had the interest to do her role in AHS. After completing Mrs. America, Paulson jumped into another season of crime story.

At this time, she will play Linda Tripp in Impeachment. Finally, Paulson decided to return in season 10 of American Horror story.

This new season was welcomed by so many people. But this season was not released. Season 10 of American Horror story will be released as soon as possible in future days.

The pandemic effect of the COVID-19 situation had stopped many of the production works and so the release date was delayed for some time. yet, we have to wait for the new release date

I hope fans get satisfied by this information. Stay tuned to discover more information about this series and keep on watch our daily updates.

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