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The Flash Season 7 Premiere Synopsis Confirms Return Of Nash Wells

The Flash Season 7

The Flash Season 7 Updates: The Flash Season 7 First Episode Synopsis was announced which will feature Nash Wells’ return along with a dangerous attempt to help save Barry.

The synopsis of The Flash Season 7 opener has been announced and confirms the return of Nash Wells. Nash Wells, a geologist, and hunter, represented by Tom Cavanagh, was featured in season 6.

Wells turned up on Earth-1 looking for a material called “eternium” and ran into his fair share of issues along the way.

Wells finally finds an afterlife in the sewers of Central City but is trapped under the city before being saved by Ralphy Dibny. He then welcomes the aid of Team Flash and also informs them that he knows how to reverse Barry’s destiny, which will come with the coming Crisis.

Wells later inadvertently activates the Anti-Monitor and, as a result, becomes a Pariah compelled to witness the Anti-Monitor ruin the multiverse in “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three.”

The Flash Season 7 Nash Wells Returns

The Flash Season 7

Wells will be back in season 7 of The Flash Opener. The synopsis for the first episode, titled “All’s Well That Ends Well,” reveals that Wells is helping to rescue Barry from his imminent doom.

Wells is apparently trying to come up with a contingency plan to save Barry after an experiment to save Barry’s pace has failed. Read the synopsis of the first episode below:

When an experiment to save Barry’s (Grant Gustin) pace backfires, Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) is searching for a way to save The Flash and comes up with a risky idea.

Meanwhile, Iris (Candice Patton) is having a shocking realization within the Mirrorverse and Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) faces off with Rosa Dillon (guest star Ashley Rickards). Alexandra La Roche directed the episode of Sam Chalsen & Lauren Certo (#701).