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The Fog 2 Is In Early Development Says Director John Carpenter

The Fog 2

The Fog 2 Updates: John Carpenter claims that the sequel to his 1980 film, The Fog, is in the early stages of production, with the director himself on board.

John Carpenter claims that the sequel to his 1980 horror movie The Fog is in the early stages of production. The Fog came in between the two masterpieces of Carpenter, Halloween, and The Thing, but it is widely forgotten despite being a common entry in the director’s repertoire. That was the first time the shouting queens had come together on the television. 

The Fog is located in the coastal town of California and follows its people as a strange fog falls over their community. The town marks the centennial of its founding, and the fog brings some uninvited guests-the ghosts of former sailors who had been lost in a shipwreck off the coast years ago. The Fog was remade in 2005 and that version of the film was much more pessimistic than the original. However, The Fog may be making a comeback.

The Fog 2 Director John Carpenter

Carpenter, who works as an executive producer and artistic director for Halloween Kills, was asked about the upcoming sequel to some of his films. The prolific director told NME that there were a lot of talks about the sequel to a number of his films.

The Fog 2

Carpenter went on to discuss The Fog specifically, saying that there was a special interest in the sequel to the film. While Carpenter says that “for various reasons,” they have not yet come to fruition, the director says that he is open to the idea.

There was talk of a sequel to The Fog. There’s been talk of a sequel to a couple of my movies. They just haven’t existed yet because of a number of causes. But, well, we talked about them, and I’m open to them.

Seeing as Carpenter took part in the 2018 Halloween update to David Gordon Green, his first return to the Halloween franchise since the original, his blessing is a positive indication.

Halloween serves as a direct sequel to Carpenter’s original film, featuring the many who came after it, which is likely to reboot the Halloween franchise, spawning two sequels, scheduled to be released in 2021 and 2022.

A possible sequel to The Fog could catch the same charm if it was performed correctly. The Halloween sequels are adapting the slasher genre for the 21st century, tackling the issues of generational tragedy and gang brutality, and The Fog 2 could do something similar.

Fog’s original plot is based around a group of ancestors who feel cheated by a town that has reaped all the rewards of their time as sailors without any repercussions.

These kinds of themes could fit perfectly in a sequel and could illustrate the aspects in which the horror genre has always had socially aware themes under brutality. It’s way too early to know when the Fog sequel will even come out, but with Carpenter on board, let’s hope it comes sooner rather than later.

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