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Wonder Woman Deepfake Replaces Gal Gadot with Danny Trejo

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Updates: The “No Man’s Land” scene in the 2017 Wonder Woman is an emblematic point in time in the DC Films universe, with Gal Gadot’s Diana leading the way and walking through a hazardous battlefield, diverting attention bullets as she takes fire long enough to collect forces around her to take on the impossible.

It’s a pretty impressive action scene, but now a deep-seated video is giving the incident a “what if” medication by replacing Gadot with another hard action star—Danny Trejo.

On YouTube, the channel Pooj’s Variety Hour (via CBR) took the “No Man’s Land” scenario from Wonder Woman and, in a clip of just almost one moment, evolves Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman into Danny Trejo as Wonder Woman, and that’s something to see—and someone that you won’t ever forget.

The “No Man’s Land” scene in the movie is one which, for many, is a pivotal point for Wonder Woman in the movie, a moment when she truly becomes a hero and a step forward in the fight. Back in 2019, Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins provided some details of the incident behind the scenes, particularly the moment when Gal Gadot swam the bullet away.

What Wonder Woman Gal Gadot has to share?

Wonder Woman

“From Diana’s viewpoint and her saying, ‘That’s what I’m going to do and step it up over the edge. That was such an effective tool for her to become our Wonder Woman. I wanted to concentrate on the fact that this isn’t about who’s battling but this doesn’t matter who was on the other side of the trench. It’s about the war.

This is her step across No Man’s Land as well as say no to the technique of war of mankind so that she can track the bullet trying to come to her and then break it away like no, that’s not going to happen.

No, we’re not going to do that, and I’m tougher than those bullets, and then she’s planning to show on even greater Mortar fire as she continues to go down the land of No Man.”

Jenkins went on, “I figured that’s why she’s combating. She’s fighting gun violence and it was the adversary. There were obviously debates about why we’re trying to bring Diana in the movie outfit in the cold weather, so we had to do it. You’ve had to create No Man’s Land. It had to be true otherwise it would not have looked correct.

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