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The Flash Season 7: Postponed To March, Click to know

The Flash Season 7

The Flash Season 7, the CW superhero show has been postponed to March of this year to premiere, pushing it back a week from the originally planned February.

After the series Arrow, The Flash will be the longest-running DC show on the network, making the season 7 premiere a highly anticipated event with the additional responsibility of carrying the core narrative of the Arrowverse.

The Flash season 7 was slated to air alongside the new Arrowverse show Superman & Lois. But CW decided to hold its DC series for 2021 as a result of the pandemic. With other things, the series will revolve around Superman and Lois Lane attempting to raise two teenage boys together.

The Flash and this new series are based on the same principle, The CW’s decisions for one series will ultimately affect the other directly, which applies not just to the plot but also to the series’ premiere dates.

The Flash Season 7: Update

The Flash Season 7

Luckily for fans of The Flash, this is a short delay and would not affect the viewing schedule of season 7 too much. There have been many delays due to the Covid pandemic in the television industry this year, this one is simply a marketing decision by The CW.

Fans have been coming up with many theories constantly about what villains could be returning to the show in these new episodes. There’s also a lot of discussion going around about the many versions of Harrison Wells who is expected to make appearances on the show following the consequences of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The Flash’s connection to Superman & Lois via that event is also exciting for viewers. The Arrowverse is known for doing crossover episodes between shows, and it’s likely Superman & Lois and The Flash will get one at some point, considering they’re airing on the same night.

However, it seems unlikely to happen this season, due to the ongoing pandemic. For some, the slight delay of The Flash season 7 may be a disappointment, but the change seems to be just making room for a new series to help expand the Arrowverse as a whole.