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The Flash Season 7: Will Nora Return and Much More

The Flash Season 7

The Flash Season 7 Updates: Season 7 of The Flash concludes with a mixed-bag finale that is generally fun to watch but doesn’t make much sense when examined carefully. “Heart of the Matter, Part 2” has some fantastic graphics as well as the unexpected reappearance of an old foe.

Despite the second half of this two-numerous parter’s head-scratchingly odd plot swerves, a beam of sunshine remains Nora and Bart Allen.

The appearance of Barry and Iris’ children from the future adds a wonderful blast of sheer pleasure to an otherwise bleak season, and one can only hope they’ll return next year to add some sunshine to the series’ canvas.

XS is portraying Nora in a somewhat different light than the girl we last saw in Season 5, and it’s a lot of fun to see. Because she grew up in a timeline where her relationship with Iris was entirely different and far more healthy than the one in which she resented her mother for her father’s absence in her childhood, this version of Nora lacks much of the rage and bitterness that drove her previous incarnation.

The Flash Season 7: Flash Family

The Flash Season 7
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Throughout this two-parter, Fisher’s Impulse has lived true to his character’s name, running towards danger whenever the chance arises. He makes the mistake of attempting to save John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick from the Godspeeds and finds himself in a coma as a result, an injury that is only cured owing to the Speed Force’s timely intervention.

For those who are interested, Kennedy refers to Fisher’s Bart as the family’s “mama’s boy,” whereas Nora is more of a “daddy’s girl.” Many fans may consider the sequence in which Barry, Iris, Nora, Bart, and Jay suit up together to be the most gratifying of the show, and it does feel like a long time coming.

Is it possible that the extended West-Allen family will face up against additional evil people in Season 8? Kennedy, like us, is now unsure about her character’s future on The Flash, however, it appears that she believes a return is feasible. On the other hand, Kennedy would love to see more of Nora on The Flash if she had her way.