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Zayn Malik shows ‘mint green hair’ selfie pierces through your soul; Gigi Hadid subtly shows she’s a BLACKPINK fan

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik: Everyone is currently buzzing with excitement as Zayn Malik has been treating them with unlimited content after keeping it down for months.

After Mind of Mine and Icarus Falls, the 28-year-old artist released his much-anticipated third album Nobody Is Listening featuring bops like Better and Views, among many others, which left his fans completely confused.

Zayn Malik has an older sister, Doniya, and two younger sisters, Waldenha and Safaa. He was raised a Muslim, although he no longer identifies himself as a Muslim.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid 

Malik grew up in East Bowling, south of Bradford, in a working-class family. Malik revealed that he began to take pride in his appearance after graduating from school at the age of twelve, and as a teenager, he studied art and appeared in school sports.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik
Image Source: Page Six

He grew up listening to my father’s urban music records, especially R&B, hip hop, and reggae. He started writing rap when he was in school and sang on stage for the first time when musician Jay Sean visited his school. -15 to 17 before starting his music career, he had planned to pursue a career as an English teacher.

Taking to Instagram, a short time later, Malik hit our hearts and took a steady pace with a sexy AF selfie when a Pillowtalk crooner appeared to be playing the Nobody Is Listening hoodie.

In the selfie, Zayn’s green hair and piercing eyes completely steal the light and not surprisingly, in a few hours, his IG post has already surpassed the popularity and count of two million.

On the other hand, Zayn’s latest selfie of Gigi Hadid’s baby girl also attracted fans with the look of her favorite outfit as it was linked to a South Korean girls’ group known as BLACKPINK.

In the selfie mentioned above, Hadid, who wears a mask and is ready to call it a nightmare, is seen playing a tape of a BLACKPINK dealer as described by BLINKS with eagle eyes.

In the past, Gigi has been fascinated by the love of quartet images on social media, especially Jennie. We love how the 25-year-old supermodel joins the likes of Ariana Grande and Harry Styles as the endless list of BLACKPINK lovers.

Meanwhile, Zayn and Gigi received a baby girl, whom they named Khai, in September 2020.

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