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Everything We Know About Chris Evans’ Training for Captain America and The Avengers

Chris Evans

Chris Evans: Hollywood transition lore published broadly is Evans’ transformation into the First Avenger, a hulking, inter-planetary heartthrob. To get you his training crib mat, we put our money together.

We put our efforts together to show you his preparation crib sheet. Before we begin, let’s make one thing clear: there are few other transitions more revered in Hollywood than the hardcore commitment of Chris Evans to become Captain America.

Evans’ Captain America physique and the fitness programming that built it, launched in 2011, still dominates tens of thousands of search engine inquiries every day, but few can describe the precise plan that built his body. 

That is, before now. Here, we’re going to discuss the exact exercises that Evans used to turn from an affable wimp to a villain-crushing, armed-and-dangerous fighter, to develop upper-body brawn. 

Though impressive, the goal of Evans to build a structure that would intimidate even the most miserable Marvel villains was an unenviable one and would see him superimpose a difficult routine with an even more regimented diet schedule, make the most of lean protein sources, smart nutrition, as well as a trainer who knew his way around the hardest alums in Hollywood.

Evans pulled off a stunning transition against these odds, to the extent that, amazingly, the post-production of Captain America had to focus on CGI manipulation to slim his body down.

Chris Evans’s Training for Captain America

Chris Evans

An equally talented coach is behind any intimidating silver screen body. In the case of Chris Evans, top Hollywood trainer Simon Waterson was instructed on the role of whipping Evans into the form of the Avengers.

No outsider to the expectations of the leading men of Hollywood, Waterson was the genius behind the first appearance of Daniel Craig as James Bond at Casino Royale (lest we ignore the blue trunks scenario) and proceeded to mold the seventh, and latest, the fitness of Bond, all the way up to ‘No Time to Die’ of 2021.

Workout of Chris Evans’ Captain America

As you would imagine, for the outcome of months of intensive preparation, hundreds of thousands of reps, and complete dedication to a task, the “byproduct of being an athlete” is just fitness shorthand.

What’s more, the traditional Hollywood-grade training center filled with next-gen tech was not fitted with Evans. His fitness mecca, however, was no more complicated than a commercial gym or fitness center on the high street.

If it was chest and back or triceps and biceps, he would take 2 muscle classes and he would only destroy those muscles for almost two hours. He’d calm off with his heart and abs, too.

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