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Chris Pine Breaks Down That Emotional ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Sequence

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 Updates: Some of my favorite sequels in Wonder Woman 1984 do not include superhero theatrics or invisible jets or fun lassos (though everything is fun, too).

The sequence simply features two farewell characters, with actors Gal Gadot and Chris Pine playing their grief through great danger.

Collider’s Steve Weintraub himself spoke to Pine as part of a press machine known as Wonder Woman 1984, and when he asked Pine about this strange sequence, Pine whispered to us.

Wonder Woman 1984 Sequence

In this episode, Diana (Gadot) and Steve (Pine) recently realized that using a desirable stone means that you are missing out on something important to you.

Ever since Diana wished Steve back, the stone had snatched her away, leaving our Wonder Woman broken and stumbling.

And amid the turmoil in Washington D.C., Steve finally convinces Diana to give up her dream and regain her energy – which will, unfortunately, send Steve to ether where he came from.

Wonder Woman 1984

Gadot and Pine burst into tears and said goodbye, which led to a wonderful moment of discovery of a large goosebump in the picture.

Here is what Pine has to say about shooting the moment, confirming that he is giving a lot of credit to Gadot and co-director / co-author Patty Jenkins:

We shot you on Pennsylvania Avenue. We shot that day as we made part of that big, weekly sequence down Pennsylvania Avenue, with her running down and her lassoing at the top.

We did it in stages, and we went behind this pillar to make the situation. It is a very difficult situation to deal with, especially when there are so many other things and things to do throughout the day, and it certainly affects him emotionally.

And the best thing about Patty is by making sure we have space to find the scene and make it real, and then press us as actors to get there, and not accept anything less than absolute truth.

It was a debt to Gal for the great emotional openness with Patty for being so attached.

Wonder Woman 1984 now plays in selected theaters and broadcasts on HBO Max.

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