Zayn Malik Asks “What I Am” In New Song!

The pillow talk singer Zayn Malik recently released his new song called What I Am. It’s a track album from the from 4th album upcoming album Room Under the Stairs May 2024.

He said that the album would be about coming out of a toxic relationship and giving a glimpse of emotional turmoil where it also explores vulnerability. He wants to convey that please accept me just the way I am, not the way you perceive me.

The new song What I Am lyrics explore the dynamic changes of life, or he is saying that to his beloved, or What if I am f***** up? What if I told you they were flying? He just wants his beloved to believe in him.

Despite being handsome, he is also known for his charitable work and has a great vocal range. He has also collaborated with many different artists, like Taylor Swift and Sia.

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If You Haven’t Heard Zayn Malik’s Latest Song Here It Is!

Zayn was in on- off relationship with model Gigi Hadid. They also had a child together named Khai. After a while, they separated but remained good co-parents. They both are very protective of their child and want her to grow up in privacy.

Malik has received various awards. On Alex Cooper’s podcast Call Her Daddy he revealed that he always wanted to remain private now it’s enough he is ready to hit the spotlight again.

His fans are always very excited about Zayn’s new music. Now that he has released the new music, it gives so much depth to the lyrics that people can resonate with themselves while listening to the music, and it also gives so much wisdom in life.

Online, everybody expressed their views and speculated that this song might be about his past relationship, from which he came out now.

Let’s listen to the “What I Am” new music and just vibe with it to get out of something that is suffocating you, something that is holding you down. That’s what the song is about.

Thank you and stay connected folks ….

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