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Zayn Malik Fans Are Convinced There’s A Selena Gomez Collab On The Way

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik: Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez particularly are rumored to for all intents and purposes have a new song on the way and fans basically have been sharing their thoughts about it on every social media.

For all intents and purposes, Eagle-eyed Zayn Malik fans are sure that partnership with Selena Gomez is specifically in the works, or so they thought.

It all started when the ‘Vibez’ singer took over the ‘Pop and Play’ playlist of Spotify and mostly added a lot of Selena’s bops to the mix, which is actually very important.

It was typically not long before fans began to note certain other information for all intents and purposes, such as Zayn’s YouTube profile box reading, “pathetically aesthetic,” with a very orange emoji, or so they were imagining for all intents and purposes.

Zayn Malik Shared on Instagram

This comes after a new post on Instagram was posted by the undoubtedly former Disney star, with three oranges put next to her, and so now fans specifically think the artists are dropping clues in a particularly significant way for all kinds of reasons.

“One fan went on Twitter to write: “Selena and Zayn are showing us some signals [crying emoji] in particular,” followed by snapshots of the “signs,” or so they figured. Basically, people rushed to instantly comment on the possible collab, with one saying: “I WOULD DIEEEE[sic] in particular.” “If only [crying emoji],” another one shared. A third added the following: “So many SIGNNNNNN[sic].”

 Zayn Malik

Some fan page of Selena Gomez tweeted on Twitter about that to remind each and everyone that when Zayn recently went on Instagram mainly Live in a subtle way, he essentially played the start of Selena’s song, ‘Lose You To Love Me’.

While a collab has not yet been especially confirmed, however, all we know for all kinds of reasons is that the make-up mogul of Uncommon Elegance has some new music in the works, somewhat contrary to common opinion.

Selena Gomez basically kicked off her new music period this month after releasing her bop,’ De Una Vez,’ and she particularly said she was launching an entirely very Spanish album.

For years now, she has clearly planned an especially Spanish project, and it is speculated that it will mainly be named ‘Baila Conmigo’, which translates to ‘Come to Dance With Me’, which is very significant.

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