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Hitman 3: How to unlock the Helicopter escape

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 Update: latest installment in the World of Assassination trilogy, Hitman 3 gives you the freedom to explore intricately crafted pieces during your leisure time and complete missions in your own way be as dignified or as the guns burn as in previous Hitman games.

To get the helicopter key, from the reception area up the stairs to the right and then to the edge of the roof gardens and on the right side. From there you will want to climb down the railing line and shimmy to the left edge until you can climb back to the window cleaner.

Use your camera here to scan and open the locked window, bend over, and carefully head to the left side where you can enter through the sliding door, turn left and go back to the shelf leading to the helipad. You will find the keys to the helicopter planes lying on the ground in front of the stairs. Climb up, and lower the pilot or interrupt him long enough to board a helicopter out of work.

Hitman 3: Update

Hitman 3

The 47-year-old pursued Diana to Mendoza, Argentina, where he said his goal was to eliminate Providence inside and perform 47 tasks by killing Don Yates, his last obstacle to becoming the next Constant. After 47 kills Yates and Edwards’ main assistant Tamara Vidal, Diana uses Ether neurotoxin to make her inactive.

Before the age of 47, Diana tells him that she knows what she did to her parents and that Providence used her, but she also used her, so she frees her. After recalling previous contracts, the 47 got out of bed, face to face with Edwards, who told him he would make him his tool.

While Edward prepares to inject him with anamnestic serum, 47 comes out again and sees Gray, who encourages him to fight the neurotoxin effects, and tells him that Diana didn’t want him to die, but instead found a way to turn Edwards’s power against him. The 47-year-old hears Diana’s voice telling her to remember the past, making her remember killing her parents.

47 gets off-board at Providence’s main train station in Romania and finds Edwards at the end of the train, giving him a serum of order. 47 kills Edwards or injects them with serum, before fleeing into the woods of the Carpathian Mountains. Later, after Providence’s dismissal was completed, Diana watched the news in her home, revealing that many business executives (anonymous, members of Providence) had resigned in a strange way.

He then threw the file of his parents’ death case and threw it into the fireplace, along with an origami crane similar to the Providence badge. A year later, the 47 is out in the woods while telling Diana on the phone that she is coming back to play voluntarily, as it is her life and their search for elites power will always be needed.

To do this, open the “Up and Away” challenge and complete the Rotor Man and Rotor Ready challenges.

The Hitman 3 is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X&S, Stadia and PC.

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