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Nioh 2 PC Trailer Shows Off Impressive Visual Settings & Steam Helmet

Nioh 2 PC
Nioh 2 PC

Nioh 2 PC Updates: A trailer for the PC release of Nioh 2 was recently released by Team Ninja, showing HDR display compatibility, 4K and 120 fps support, and more.

A trailer showing what features players can expect from the forthcoming PC version of Nioh 2 was recently published by Team Ninja. However, unlike the flagship series of Team Ninja, Ninja Gaiden, Nioh features much more grounded battle mechanics, making it more reminiscent of the common genre of ‘Souls-like.’

This, along with the complexity of the game and the need to go back to where one lost in order to regain one’s points of knowledge, further fuels similarities to the Souls series.

However, you will be advised by devoted fans of Nioh 2 that this is basically where the parallels end. In fact, the debate between players over whether Nioh can be regarded as a Souls-like is always a point of contention.

Although the fundamentals of fighting share common elements (such as the endurance bar) and boss fights are built to encourage diligent identification of play and pattern, the battle mechanics of Nioh are among the deepest in the hack n ‘slash genre ever seen.

In comparison, the loot system in the Nioh series is far more akin to Diablo, with numerous stat boosts and upgrades provided by each piece of gear that can be tweaked to match countless playstyles.

Combined with the mission-based nature of the title, this allows for a considerably different overall experience than the Souls series.

Nioh 2 PC Features:

Nioh 2 PC
Nioh 2 PC

The “PC Features Trailer,” found on YouTube, has a range of choices for visual and output that will make the game’s PC version a sight to behold.

HDR display capability will not only exist, but there will also be options for a smooth 60 or 120 frames per second, mouse and keyboard customization to complement gamepad compatibility and compatibility with Ultra-HD/4K.

As well as a Steam special “Valve Helmet,” a helmet decorated with LED keys and a valve on the rear, the PC edition will also feature super wide-screen support. It’s hard to guess what the metrics of this helmet will be, but it will certainly be a fun piece of visual flair.

The announcement of the Nioh 2 PC version coincides with the release on PS5 of the Nioh 2 Full Edition for PS4 and the remastered versions of both titles and The Nioh Series.

The fourth anniversary of the game is to be marked with this flurry of updates, each of which includes all three DLC expansions. Although Team Ninja has confirmed that for now, it has no intentions to continue working on the Nioh series at present, it seems as if these streamlined versions of the game will act as temporary parting gifts.

In specific, the Nioh Set on PS5 can support 4K resolution and up to 120fps for both titles, with the option to migrate the data saved by players from their PS4 consoles.

The Nioh 2 PC update announcement coincides with the release of the Nioh 2 Full Edition for PS4 on PS5 and the remastered versions of both the games and the Nioh Series.

With this flurry of patches, one of which contains all three DLC expansions, the fourth anniversary of the game should be numbered.

Although Team Ninja has announced that it currently has no plans of continuing to work on the Nioh series, it appears that these simplified iterations of the game will serve as temporary parting gifts up to 120fps, with the option of transferring data stored by players from their PS4 consoles.

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