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Resident Evil Multiplayer Got Updated! Click To Know

Resident Evil Multiplayer

Resident Evil Update: With the update on Game Village, the Steam Database entry seems to suggest a multiplayer likely will be the part of the next entry. Also, Capcom never tried to hide the fact that the content to multiplayer is always on the horizon.

Last week, the publisher opened registration for a Resident Evil-related closed multiplayer beta, which could very well be tied directly to Resident Evil Village.

All those who are interested can sign up for the beta until January 25, 9:59 AM EST. Registrations will be open for all 18 years and about at the Resident Evil Official Website.

A Capcom Id that will be tied to the Game ambassador Program is something the applicants must have access to. As of writing, details about the beta itself remain scarce, though additional information will go survive January 21 during Game Showcase.

Resident Evil Multiplayer Got Updated

Resident Evil Multiplayer

An update on the official page of Resident Evil steam DB page was observed by the Wccftech earlier, which interestingly was about the latest update added to the site about the Multiplayer with a new store tag added especially for the above mentioned.

This is further evidence to the long-held belief by some that Resident Evil Village will boast online features of some kind, though what exactly they might entail is up for debate.

Resident Evil Resistance came as the most recent exploration of Multiplayer by Capcom.

The asymmetrical experience pits a little group of Survivors against a Mastermind. While most Survivors are characters that Capcom designed for Resistance, the Mastermind figures are iconic series villains, like Annette Birkin, Alex Wesker, and Mr. X.

As this didn’t come at its best, it caused the player base to get dwindle repeatedly. Hopefully, with Capcom’s next project, history won’t repeat itself.

The publisher will share more concrete details about both Multiplayer Village and therefore the aforementioned closed beta during Game Showcase.

Various Announcements linked up by the capcom will be digitally available for the fans to tune in on January 21, 2012, at 5 pm EST.

Apart from multiplayer-centric information, the showcase will unveil a brand-new RE Village trailer and offer a primary check out gameplay footage. This is merely conjecture, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if release date details finally emerged during the event, as well.

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