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NCIS LA Season 12: Is Sam’s daughter Kam is going to die after the kidnapping?

NCIS LA Season 12

NCIS LA Season 12 Updates: An awful twist is waiting for NICS LA fans in upcoming episodes. In latest released episode we find Sam’s daughter Kam is been kidnapped. But the question is she going to die?

Sam Hanna and Kamran Hanna have a beautiful father-daughter relationship, as we can see in season 12 of NCIS LA. All NCIS LA fans have observed the Hanna expresses her desire to go in her own direction being independent.

However, after an unexpected kidnap at the end of episode nine, she’s going to need her father’s help for her rescue. Fait Accompli is the title for episode nine of NCIS LA,  a shocking moment went through the audience as Kam was in danger.

In the final moments, a man wearing a mask kidnaps Sam’s innocent daughter, lining up an all-powerful ending as to what could happen to her. And as rumors continue to circulate as to who may be the masked criminal. Other viewers, considering Sam’s family background, are starting to fear the worse for Kam.

In NCIS LA season eight, Sam has gone through another heartbreak, his wife Michelle passes away after knowing her daughter’s kidnap.

After some moments, the audience observed the twist on-screen, they were afraid of the worst on Twitter, “@NCISLA that ended though! Has Sam not been through enough?? His wife was murdered, his son was targeted and now his daughter is also kidnapped??

NCIS LA Season 12: Will Kam Die?

NCIS LA Season 12

So would Sam be enough to suppress the fears of the audience and save his daughter, or is he in for the next horrible storyline about his family?

Though CBS has yet to release a promo for the next episode way ahead of its release next month, there are some signals that Kam will survive the kidnapping of season 12 of NCIS LA.

Showrunner Scott Gemmill teased before the show’s comeback for its 12th run in November that viewers will see the show “focus” on Sam Hanna and Kamran Hanna’s relationship more than TV Line’s previous episodes.

And considering that Kam has only appeared in a couple of episodes so far, this definitely means that there is a lot more story to come between the two. Fans would have to for the release of the 10th episode to find out the answer.

In reality, CBS has announced that the NCIS LA season is in another schedule shake-up that it may not be appearing on screens for a period of time. Although the series faced a break throughout its annual festive hiatus, between three and four episodes there was also a week-long pause.

So, this stands, it sounds like the 10th episode of the NCIS LA season 12 will come back on February 14.

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