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Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Dr Arizona Actress Jessica Capshaw Might’ve Just Teased A Return

Grey's Anatomy Season 17

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Updates: Grey’s Anatomy has spun through a ton of series regulars for more than 17 seasons up until this point, however, the greatest takeoff of ongoing years was Jessica Capshaw as Dr. Arizona Robbins.

Unlike a portion of the characters who left but were restored this season during Meredith’s COVID dreams, Robbins had the opportunity to leave alive, all good. She could very much start her family in New York. 

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Jessica Capshaw

Jessica Capshaw got fans chatting with a new post on Instagram. Despite the fact that she wasn’t decked out the Gray Sloan set, something about her outfit started the theory. 

Jessica’s caption shows that she was in California, yet the shirt flaunting New York City naturally got Gray’s Anatomy fans pondering Robbins and her choice to make a run for New York when Capshaw was worked out toward the finish of Season 14. Because Robbins left to be with Callie and their little girl in New York, it doesn’t mean she can’t return.

All things considered, a shirt isn’t evidence of something besides that is the thing that Jessica wanted to wear recently. What’s more, if there was nothing else to go on, fewer individuals may have been remarking that Robbins could be on her way back to Gray’s Anatomy, however, there is indeed more.

Grey's Anatomy Season 17

Considering Gray’s Anatomy is as of now in Season 17, Jessica has been missing from the show for two full seasons, so a return here could possibly mean a return on the show. 

During an episode on January 14, Jessica uncovered that she just returned home from work in Atlanta. In this way, if Jessica is getting back to Gray’s Anatomy in Season 17, it is possible that she hasn’t recorded anything up until now or she and the remainder of the cast are generally excellent liars.

On the other hand, Gray’s Anatomy was one of 16 shows that Deadline detailed deferred getting back to shooting after the break because of a COVID-19 outbreak in LA County.

At that point, shooting was proposed to start again on January 18, so Jessica not shooting for Season 17 so far doesn’t imply that she won’t sooner or later. 

The truth will surface eventually if Jessica re-visits Gray’s Anatomy in Season 17, yet the show won’t really be back in 2021 for some time still. You can still catch her and stream the first 16 seasons of Gray’s Anatomy on Netflix now.