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Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Finally Got Character Exits Right

Grey's Anatomy Season 17

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Updates: Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has some of the best character exits in the hit medical drama’s illustrious history. The program, created by Shonda Rhimes, has had a lot of cast turnover after so many years on the air.

While the majority of Meredith’s classmates and mentors have departed Grey Sloan Memorial — many, probably, for good — it must be stated that the resolve of some of the characters was considerably more gracious than those of others.

The fates of Grey’s Anatomy’s departing characters have been a source of contention, with the majority of them being killed off or fleeing to pursue an off-camera happily ever after. Izzie Stevens abruptly departed the program after defeating cancer and marrying, while George O’Malley died after being hit by a bus (both of the characters’ performers had expressed a wish to quit the show, according to reports).

More recently, in Grey’s Anatomy season 16, Alex Karev, the last of Meredith’s original colleagues, seemed to vanish from the tale, only appearing in a clunky narration in his formal last episode.

Thankfully, the most recent batch of Grey’s Anatomy exits has been significantly more effective, and instead of hurriedly dumping beloved doctors, they have been able to wrap out their arcs with well-planned satisfaction. Andrew DeLuca, who was slain in episode 7, was the first victim of Season 17’s first loss.

The Italian-born surgeon’s most recent arc revolved around his battles with mental illness, and despite charges that he suffers from psychosis, DeLuca’s predictions that a girl’s life is in danger turned out to be right. DeLuca’s sendoff was eventually nice after proving himself to those who questioned him, visiting Meredith on her limbo-Esque beach to chat before following his dream.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Characters

Grey's Anatomy Season 17

Jackson Avery, who had been a regular on the show since its fourth season, also left in season 17. Much of Jackson’s plot revolved around his indecision about what to do with his family’s enormous riches, and the show’s writers, lead by creator Krista Vernoff, gave him a swan song in which he used his power to make the healthcare system more egalitarian. Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy didn’t hold back when it came to addressing the injustice that affects Black and Brown individuals in and out of the hospital.

Similarly, Tom Korascick, a cantankerous and overtly self-interested character, decides to depart with Jackson after having his own epiphany on the harsh facts of the world, which occurred after his own near-fatal encounter with COVID-19. Both departures are excellent examples of writing, allowing characters to leave the show on a heroic note while also keeping the door open, if narrowly, for them to return for one final appearance before Grey’s Anatomy’s end.

In actuality, the behind-the-scenes wrangling over actor salaries and season extensions has a lot to do with the quality of each character’s departure from any given television show. When given a little more runway to perform a satisfactory landing, though, Grey’s Anatomy’s writers deliver – at least more often than not.

Cristina Yang’s exit in season 10 drew a lot of attention, and the show rightly took the time to reflect on her path, preparing her for a life without Meredith but with plenty of room to fly. A solid exit will help reset the board, allowing new dynamics to emerge without depriving the remaining players.

The character exists on Grey’s Anatomy season 17 have refocused the show, which was renewed for an eighth and possibly last season. The fact that Jackson and Tom are departing for Boston alludes to greater real-world issues that the series will hopefully address when it returns.

DeLuca’s terrible death ends up validating him and, on a more practical basis, paving the door for a Meredith-Hayes romance. Though fans should expect to say goodbye to more of their favorite physicians in the future, these recent deftly handled character exits should give them hope that more satisfactory payoffs are on the road.