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WandaVision: Mephisto (Marvel’s Devil) Is The Real Villain


WandaVision Updates: WandaVision is an American TV miniseries streaming on Disney+ and is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is continuing the Avengers franchise after Endgame.

The series is produced by the Marvel studios starring Elisabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/ Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany as Vision.  Wanda is an Avenger who can harness Magic and Vision is an android and a former Avenger created by Artificial intelligence J.A.R.V.I.S and Ultron as well as the Mind Stone.

After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Wanda, and Vision are ideally in suburban life in the Westview Town trying to conceal their powers but as they start living in the suburban life, they soon realize that everything is not as the same as it seems to be.

WandaVision is already setting up the foundation for a major shakeup in MCU as Mephisto, an extra Dimensional Villain, and Marvel’s very own devil is anticipated to be all behind this.

WandaVision: Mephisto (Marvel’s Devil)


After Thano’s defeat, all Marvel needs is a Major villain in Phase 4 of it. With Mephisto’s entry already teased in Loki and after the release of a current episode from WandaVision, it is possible that the series is hinting towards the arrival of Mephisto who might already be hiding in the plain sight of WandaVision’s neighborhood.

In the show, Wanda is all trapped in a world drawn from old sitcoms with her love, vision.

But it is still unclear her real reason to stay in this world, who created it, and who controls it. It might seem strange about bringing WandaVision to phase 4 in MCU’s TV arm but it can be an excellent way to introduce Mephisto in the game as it has a lot to do with the story of a scarlet witch.

Mephisto is a powerful demon who manipulates the lives of heroes and villains alike, although he is not the devil crafts his appearances to become like one fallen angel. He rules a dominion called hales or hell.

According to the comics, the deceptions he caused drives Scarlet’s life into madness as she uses her magic to have children with her love, Vision, and give birth to twins Tommy and Billy, while doing so she accidentally uses the fragments of Mephisto’s soul in it and later Mephisto reabsorbed the children causing too much pain for her to bear.

With the pregnancy of Wanda revealed in the WandaVision series, it can be said that the story of the comics is coming into play from now on.